The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish

California’s finally dipped into cold territory (by our standards I guess), which means I can finally enjoy some cozy layering and some fun outerwear. At least, there was one new piece I knew I had to add to my closet: The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish. I saw this beauty when I was writing an editorial for Denimology back in October! It’s rare I see something and know I need it right then and there…normally I’ll step away from the computer for a bit and if whatever item I was oogling is still in my head the next day, I might come back and grab it. However, this amazing piece just screamed my name! Unfortunately, when I went to purchase it, it was out of stock almost everywhere already. I lucked out and scored it at Nordstrom! It’s been one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever made, and it’s so fun to throw on over just about any outfit for some added edge! Photos just do not do it justice…it looks far more expensive than it is, and BLANKNYC did an incredible job with gorgeous floral embroidery, studs and zipper detailing. The vegan leather feels real, too! I read a ton of reviews before I purchased it because I know BLANKNYC sometimes runs snug. Based on those reviews, I sized up and got a medium so I could layer sweaters underneath it, and I am so glad I did! So if you are as enamored as I am, I would suggest doing so as well.

For this shoot, I was focusing on a new review for Denimology for PRINCIPLE Denim Innovators. These grey cigarette skinnies are so comfy! Grey is a great fall shade as well. I’m also carrying my new favorite crossbody bag from the last several months, the Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Natasha in Faded Aluminum (it’s also sold out everywhere and was yet another one of my eBay scores). We headed out to beautiful Pismo Beach for the shoot to shake things up a bit. I’ve been absolutely loving it out there lately. The sunsets are something else!

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - Side View

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - Side View 2

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - Front Angle View

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - No Jacket - Back

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - No Jacket - Side

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - No Jacket - Front

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish - Jacket Back Detail

The BLANKNYC Embroidered Vegan Leather Jacket keeps selling out, so I’ll provide several purchase links. If you aren’t seeing your size, keep checking back! Every now and then I see an item from BLANKNYC sell out so fast over and over that they keep it in stock for longer than they do with most items.

Shop it at Nordstrom here, Revolve here, and direct from the brand here. I also saw it backordered at Bloomingdales a few times but I’m not sure if they are restocking this time. Just in case, you can check back here.

Read my review on the jeans from PRINCIPLE Denim Innovators here.

The JOE’S Jeans Holiday Gift Guide

The JOE'S Jeans Holiday Gift Guide

Image: JOE’S.

In a perfect world, I’d buy jeans for everyone on my Christmas shopping list. But alas, I have to realize not everyone is as denim-crazy as me…although most wouldn’t complain if they received a nice pair of premium jeans to wear and love for years and years on end as a gift! Thankfully though, just about all of my favorite brands have a full collection of items other than denim, or anything that would go with a new favorite pair. JOE’S is one of those brands. It’s tough to remember that they expand way beyond jeans, with all of their beautiful collections of vintage and impressive technologically enhanced denim styles and fabrics. It almost seems like the brand was reading my mind when I saw an e-newsletter come in today featuring a perfectly concise collection of some of the best gift ideas that span across their entire product line. The JOE’S Jeans holiday gift guide is a perfectly curated selection of some of the best that the brand has to offer for those style conscious folks on your shopping list this season!

Choose from not only some awesomely coated, embroidered, destroyed (some with lace details), patched up, raw-edged or mixed-media denim pieces but also some ultra cozy sweaters, jackets, bags, and other great items to make someone on your list (or yourself, because I know how I think when I go gift shopping) happy. Here are my favorites from the JOE’S holiday gift guide!

What stands out to you the most? Shop the entire JOE’S Jeans holiday gift guide here!

Fair Trade Leather Footwear by Oliberté

Fair Trade Leather Footwear by Oliberté

Image: Oliberté

For some reason this Fall, as the California weather FINALLY turned a bit cooler, I’ve thought more about the outdoors than sitting in all cuddly inside. Maybe it’s because we’re finally over our scorching hot October, but it’s been so nice getting some rain finally and seeing some green in them hills! Sometimes I’m a little jealous of those in the midwest or East coast where it’s green and beautiful all the time. Either way, getting outdoors is something all of us should do a heck of a lot more often. I have my fun, nice indoor-ish shoes, and my rugged outdoor shoes…but not a whole lot in between that would be perfect for those adventurous drives up the coast, through the mountains, or hanging out around a cabin in the woods. You could count my running shoes, but what’s the fun in that? You can spend forever shopping around for something stylish but rugged, but for awhile now I’ve had my eyes on the awesome fair trade leather footwear by Oliberté.

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Warm Hued Denim to Wrap Up Fall

Warm Hued Denim to Wrap Up Fall

Images: Revolve

Colored denim is always so fun to break up the collection of traditional blues, greys and blacks in my closet. I usually associate colored denim with the Springtime, as bright colors are usually a bit more expected around the season of blooming flowers and green hills. However, during the Fall, colors are just as vibrant (if not more) with the changing leaves! Shades of brown, red, orange, tan, or gold are definitely perfect for tucking into boots or hiding under long tunic sweaters (or however you like to dress up your denim when the weather turns to cold). I can’t believe Fall is already well under way and Winter is just around the corner, but especially for us here in California, winter doesn’t actually seem to officially hit until a month or two after the solstice…and Fall always takes its time as well as October is still one of the hottest months of the year for us! In that regard, styling for the seasons is sometimes a bit different in our neck of the woods.

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My Current Favorite Black Friday Denim Sales

It’s already that time of the year…where the heck did Halloween go? Screw that, where the hell did 2016 go?! Either way, it’s once again turkey day, and time for some of the best sales of the year. I’m always subscribed to my favorite brands’ and retailers’ newsletters in anticipation for such things, and just like I do every time, I figured I would share my favorites with you. There’s definitely far too many out there to include all here, but these are the first that I have seen, and I will be adding any new ones that pop up to this list as the week goes on! So whether you plan to party, to shop, or just relax and eat to your heart’s content this turkey day, here are some choice sales just in case you catch a bit of the shopping bug over the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Threads 4 Thought and Teeki for Sustainability

Threads 4 Thought and Teeki for Sustainability

Even though denim and activewear have been butting heads lately, I can’t help but love both sides and some of the sustainable initiatives that brands from both ends are putting their efforts towards. I normally saw leggings (and most activewear) as something just for the gym or maybe a festival or two, but they are slowly starting to infiltrate my everyday life. Well, maybe more of the stuff you’d wear up top…but I’ve got a decent little legging collection going too! There are so many activewear lines out there now that cater to the exploding yoga movement or music festal goers, so now I am a little more picky when I choose which ones I care to support. What catches me the most though is some of these activewear brands do work hard to give back or at least to clean up their manufacturing processes, and the two that pop in my mind first when it comes to earth-friendly missions are Threads 4 Thought and Teeki. Both of these companies have one rad thing in common: all of the pieces they offer are constructed with recycled plastic bottles!

Threads 4 Thought was born in 2006 and caters a little more to the more modern and less whimsical crowd, but offers a good amount of fun in their collections as well. They use three materials for their products: organic cotton, recycled polyester (made out of plastic water bottles), and lensing Modal® (which is a sustainable fiber from beech tree pulp). According to the brand, cotton is one of the dirtiest crops on the planet, using 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides. It also contaminates over 13 acres of farmland. Using recycled plastic bottles uses 50% less energy and produces 50% less CO2 emissions to produce compared to regular polyester, and obviously keeps more plastic out of our landfills! Lensing Modal® is great because beech trees are never cut down, only trimmed, and rejuvenate themselves on their own. In addition, 95% of of the production materials to make the yarn are recovered and used again. Modal® is also incredibly soft, which is another reason why it’s been used in so many stretchy jeans lately!

Teeki is made for the yogi or yogi at heart, and their collections are seen on the backs and bums of bloggers and fans all over Instagram. However, the fact that they turn plastic water bottles—one of the worst pollutants out there—into fun, beautifully designed athletic apparel puts them right at the top of my favorites list. I’ve had a few of their items on my mind for awhile, even though I don’t own anything from them yet (guilty).

These are the kinds of brands I want to support the most…and thankfully just about everything they create matches my tastes! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from both.

“Becoming a B Corp is yet another step we have taken as a brand to live sustainably. B Corps are a growing group of brands and companies that want to use business as a force for good. We are certainly one of those brands & feel that this is a movement that we wanted to align ourselves with.” – Eric Fleet, co-founder Threads for Thought

“We dance to a different beat, stretch with the yogi, run to the highest peaks, hike in unexplored territories, and swim where the ocean becomes one. we are teeki. we take water bottles and turn them into clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. we support you with your active lifestyle and adventures; yoga, gym, workout, surf, sports, dance, flow and constantly moving forward with your body, mind, and spirit.” – Teeki

Step Up Your Sweater Game with AEO

I’ve been a huge fan and dedicated wearer of American Eagle Outfitters since the beginning of my college years…and nothing much has changed. Unless you count how much the brand has evolved since then! Back in those days, it was about the fictional graphic tees and sheer tops. Those were all excellent, but with the introduction of more minimalist, modern pieces within their Don’t Ask Why sub-label, as well as kicking ass in the denim department and competing with their premium counterparts with the Denim X line (and some beautiful new detailing), you could say the brand has grown up and expanded their demographic to just about all ages! So, it’s really hard to quit this brand. I’m not sure if I ever really will.

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Coated Denim for Fall and Winter

Coated Denim for Fall and Winter

Images: Shopbop

The sleek, leatherlike look is always in, regardless of the season. I always like edgy looks, or pieces that look like they just came off of a long motorcycle ride or rock concert (from the stage side, of course) to balance out more casual outfits. Leather jeans were always kind of appealing to me, but I never owned any; partially because of the price, but also because of the fear of washing them or feeling too suffocated. There are always vegan leather options, but in my past experiences they only felt kind of clammy as the day went on, again not offering a whole lot in the breathability department. I know there are a lot of awesome new options, but I haven’t quite dipped back into that realm yet. However, when coated jeans emerged onto the scene, and I finally got to review a pair or two, I found a new alternative that I knew I could love!

Coated denim (also known as “waxed denim”) is regular denim with a layer of acrylic, resin, polyurethane or pigment. When done on a black jean, it really looks like a beautiful leather piece! Using denim allows them to be more stretchy, soft, and breathable for a comfortable all-day wear. I really love wearing them under a casual tee shirt or out on the town or a DJ gig! They can be kind of tough to wear in warmer weather, so now that Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner, my coated denim will emerge once again. The extra coated layer offers a bit of warmth, and I think they just look way too cool under boots. Most come in black, but there are some jewel-toned alternatives out there, which of course are great for Fall to match with the season’s colors! Some of my favorite coated denim pieces include already-loved denim styles like distressing and rips, and moto or zipper detailing. Here are a few pieces I’ve gathered to share with you that I think are great examples of coated denim.

What do you think? What are your favorites?

Kinetic Denim for Men by Joe’s

Kinetic Denim for Men by Joe's

Image: Joe’s

So I guess I’m doing something a little new today: I don’t ever really write about men’s fashion, but the denim world wouldn’t be what it is without some of the amazing innovations done on the men’s side of things. However, that goes both ways…with all of the technological advancements in fabrics that are made to move with you, provide excellent stretch recovery and keep you comfortable, the women’s side is just as influential. There has been a ton of this for women’s denim to help combat the quick rise in athleisure, if you haven’t yet noticed, but this crazy awesome level of stretch technology hasn’t really been totally implemented into men’s denim on the same level. Joe’s, being as awesome as they are, are changing that!

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Elsa Hosk x Mavi for Indigo Move

Elsa Hosk x Mavi for Indigo Move

Image: Mavi.

Denim brands are on a roll in the effort to combat the exploding athleisure trend! Jeans have never been so comfortable, and so well-fitting, and I am loving watching the incredible fabric innovations that promote amazing stretch and shape retention. Back in June, I wrote about Turkish brand Mavi’s ultra luxe Feather collection, which brought on some of the most comfortable, lightweight denim just in time for some crazy California heat. Now, Mavi has collaborated with none other than the denim legend Adriano Goldschmied for another collection: Indigo Move.

Adriano Goldschmied (of AG Jeans) has worked with many other brands in the past such as Diesel and Replay, and I am so happy to see him joining forces with Mavi as the designer for Indigo Move. This collection is focused on comfort and active lifestyles, with clean and sporty styling as well as the brand’s signature detailing. Model Elsa Hosk was brought in to represent the Indigo Move campaign and I’m loving all of the promotional photography!

The Indigo Move collection utilizes two innovative fabrics. Move Denim is the key element that defines Indigo Move, made up of a knit-based fabrication with the same character and quality as usual woven denim. This gives the appearance of natural indigo brushed denim with all the usual shading and whiskering details. This is what brings in the feel of performance activewear, with the ability to stretch move with you throughout your day and feel like a second skin. Bi-Stretch Denim uses multi-directional stretch for maximum freedom of movement and comfort. It basically can stretch in all directions, offering shape retention so your jeans will never stretch out and lose shape.

The Adriana is Mavi’s classic mid rise skinny, and is at the head of the Indigo Move collection. In addition, the Elsa & Kiki leggings, the Lucy (a super high rise skinny), the Daria gauchos and Linda flare join the lineup, as well as a few jackets: The Liv (bomber jacket), Fiona (track jacket), Lucia (blazers), Sara (trenches) and Tammy (denim zip-ups). The women’s collection makes up for 24 styles and 13 for men!

Elsa Hosk x Mavi for Indigo Move - Promo Shot 1

Image: Mavi.

“Focused on the concept of an active lifestyle and comfort, Indigo Move is a new generation of denim that captures Mavi’s “perfect feel” philosophy. Featuring multi-directional fabrication, the collection offers the highest level of comfort, incredible shape retention, signature design details and flawless silhouettes.”

Elsa Hosk x Mavi for Indigo Move - Promo Shot 2 - Flare

Image: Mavi.

“We are excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary with the launch of Indigo Move and collaborating with Adriano Goldschmied. Continuing our philosophy about movement, luxury, and staying ahead of denim trends, this collection is the epitome of all three categories. Designed by fabrics innovators and created with the latest indigo textile and fabric technology, Indigo Move is the next step in an athleisure lifestyle.” – Elif Akarlilar, Global Brand Director of Mavi

Elsa Hosk x Mavi for Indigo Move - Promo Shot 3

Image: Mavi.

“Focused on the concept of an active lifestyle and comfort, Indigo Move is a new generation of products that captures Mavi’s “perfect feel” philosophy highlighted by clean, sporty styling and signature design details.”

Elsa Hosk x Mavi for Indigo Move - Promo Shot 4

Image: Mavi.

“The men’s and women’s capsule collection will take you from day through evening, elevating the athleisure category into a lifestyle necessity.”

“‘Mavi’ means blue in Turkish, and the passion for the blue has been a fundamental pillar of the brand from the first time I worked with Mavi, over 25-years ago. Since then, the amazing Mavi team, powered by this passion, has created one of the leading global brands in the denim industry today. To work with such an innovative group, full of energy and the desire to always be one step ahead in the business, together we were able to create a collection that is truly an incredible achievement for all.” – Adriano Goldschmied.

Shop the Mavi Indigo Move collection here!