Five Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks

Image: GhostCircus.

I’m sure many of us are seeing more and more ads everyday from brands dropping pricing to keep afloat during these trying times…even though most people are shifting their shopping habits from wants to needs. It’s truly a time to redefine what really matters, and for some, to reinvent ourselves. I’ve seen a lot of patterns floating around for those who can sew and create face masks, even though debate seems to be rolling on about their true effectiveness. Either way, what we do know is that they at least help slow the spread for those who may be carrying COVID-19 and not know it, or are showing some symptoms and need to leave the house for a good reason. Whatever you believe in, I feel it’s better than nothing, right? They are sold out just about everywhere, so like wartime, people all over are stepping up to the plate to do their part, including several independent brands who are most at risk of facing financial hardship and care about giving back.

Here are several of my favorites who are creating face masks to help stop the spread of this pandemic, while keeping their fun iconic styles intact.

GhostCircus Apparel

Created by Eli James in Hollywood, this brand sticks out to me due to his ties to several of my favorite rock and industrial bands. However, I’m an avid supporter also due to his hard work and beautiful craftmanship! Eli and his wife Tara have done extensive research with hospitals to learn what was most needed in a mask, and produced a line of 100% premium cotton jersey washable masks to keep us all stylishly protected. These are all handmade and designs are limited run, so grab one or a few at $10 a piece while you can. I have a pair and love them! Due to a huge amount of support, they’ve been able to donate hundreds to firefighters, clinics and others in their community. Rock on!

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - GhostCircus

Image: GhostCircus.


Known for their sustainable denim (I’ve written about them several times, for denim and non-denim items), this awesome brand has also created their own line of cute masks. In fact, they’ve already sold out, although a waitlist is available. So if you’re interested, sign up while you can. They are non-medical, but reusable, made from 100% cotton.

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - Reformation

Image: Reformation.


I’ve been a fan of the creator of this brand for awhile, who originally owned Damascus Apparel. This line of super dark futuristic apparel is totally eye catching and stylish, and these face masks the brand is offering are created with black cotton with replaceable PM2.5 carbon cotton filters. Perhaps the best part is for each sold, one will be donated to The San Diego Homeless Daycenter.

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - Neo4ic

Image: Neo4ic.

Electro Threads

For my raver or festival-goer readers out there, you know who these guys are. Known for their gorgeously bold and colorful apparel for the best of parties, these masks are definitely made for those with creative senses. Just like everything else on their website, these masks feature art from some of the festival world’s best. Although not medically certified, they are all made from moisture-whicking, anti-microbial micropoly fabric. The brand also offers two sizes: for adults or kids.


I just discovered Tonlé, which is a small zero waste, ethical fashion brand providing jobs to Cambodians. These cute masks come in a pack of 10 with a current wait time of 3 weeks, as they are also in high demand. They are being sold at cost which is definitely a bold and awesome move to help the cause. These masks are created with comfortable organic white cotton t-shirt jersey which is recommended by the CDC as an alternative when respirators are not available. They also promise a great fit and coverage.

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - Tonle

Image: Tonlé.

Do you know of any more brands shifting production to face masks? Share in the comments! I’ll also be making more posts as more come to my attention.

Comfortable and Stylish Joggers for Working at Home

Crazy times…right? I’m trying to see the silver lining while working at home due to this COVID-19 outbreak, even though I unfortunately have lost a lot of my work. I think we all did need a break and some downtime to re-evaluate our lives and get back in touch with ourselves, however. Many of us are lucky enough to have jobs that allow for working from home, but whether you are or not, I’m sure everyone is enjoying staying in their pajamas for most of the day! Although, I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that staying in my comfiest of comfy clothes sort of makes it tougher to be productive. I’ve heard many say that even if you aren’t leaving the house, it helps to get dressed, put makeup on, and stick with the general routine you did before all of this went down. I definitely have not been doing that, but I have been seeking ways to get my head into a productive gear while staying comfortable. So, I thought I would do a little search for some comfy yet super stylish sweatpants and joggers that might help all of you stay cozy yet productive while working at home!

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The New earthwise™ Eco Friendly Footwear from TOMS

The New earthwise™ Eco Friendly Footwear Collection from TOMS

Image: TOMS.

There definitely has been a huge surge in brands taking the sustainable route, and I’m obviously happy to see it. I realized I hadn’t written much about charitable brands lately, as it seems the eco-friendly train is the one to hop on these days. Because of that, I realize and worry that maybe the term “sustainable” has become a bit much of a marketing buzzword, but at least I can trust some brands who take on both avenues out of the goodness of their hearts rather than simply hopping on the latest trends to stay afloat. I’m sure most of you have heard of TOMS, the footwear company known mostly by their humanitarian efforts, whether it be donating a pair for each purchased, supporting artists in Haiti, supporting Nepal, helping shelter animals find homes, giving the gift of sight or contributing to the cause of clean water for everyone around the world. TOMS has just taken another step forward with a new eco friendly footwear collection, called earthwise™.

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Vegan Footwear from Matt & Nat

Vegan Footwear from Matt & Nat

Image: Matt & Nat

When I shop for footwear I’m usually hunting for leather styles due to durability and luxurious way it softens and breaks in. I’m definitely a second-hand shopper these days to keep things even more sustainable (both for the planet and my wallet), and it’s not too difficult to find the things I need with a little hunting. However, I understand the needs and different lifestyles of others, and I am always interested in finding stylish and durable alternatives to anything that involve animal products. It can be tough with vegan leather since there is so much out there that falls apart easily and also ventures into the not-so-sustainable route with the use of plastics. Two of the vegan leather brands that I always trust are BLANKNYC and Matt & Nat. I have several pieces from both, but for this post I’m focusing on the latter, from which I own a wallet as well as a clutch which I use all the time and it’s held up for many many years. I believe this brand is best known by their eco-friendly vegan handbags, but I wanted to share some of their vegan footwear with my readers as well!

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Timeless Leather Bags from the Madewell Abroad Collection

Timeless Leather Bags from the Madewell Abroad Collection

Image: Madewell

I think it goes without saying that you can’t have one bag. At least, that holds true for most of us that enjoy employing our creative sense of style in our everyday getups for every occasion and need. Every time I think I finally have enough, I have another that somehow fills a niche in my wardrobe that I just must have. However, as much fun as I like to have with finding the most unique, eye-catching statement bags, I really always find myself gravitating back to the basic (but not so basic) bags that go with everything, keep everything secure, hold up well, and seem to fit whatever destination I’m heading to. I usually like going with leather bags for durability, smell (yes, smell), and the fact that it just gets better with age. I’ve been eyeing Madewell’s bags for awhile now, which is no surprise. This brand is best known for quality and timeless goods, and I have written about their eco friendly swimwear, jeans that fit nearly all bodies, and bags several times. Now, the carrot is being dangled in front of my nose once again with new leather bags from their Abroad collection.

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Real Good™ Sustainable Swimwear from Aerie

It’s that time again…to stock up on swimwear for Summer! It will be here quick…don’t we all know it? Or maybe it’s that time to embark on a warm vacation somewhere to escape this winter cold. Either way, shopping for the perfect swimsuit can sometimes be like shopping for your new favorite pair of jeans. There are so many fits, colors and styles that flatter different body types, or maybe you just aren’t sure what kind of look you’re going for. If I could help direct you to quality swimwear that won’t break the bank and is also friendly towards the environment, read on! I’m excited to see one of my favorite brands, American Eagle Outfitters and their sister brand Aerie, have got you covered with new sustainable swimwear.

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New Sustainable Jeans for Spring from J Brand

New Sustainable Jeans for Spring from J Brand

Image: J Brand

The fashion world is becoming more and more conscious of the importance of shopping sustainably, even though fast fashion still seems to be going strong. It’s an interesting paradox, but I’m glad to know more and more brands are realizing the need to be better. Denim is a dirty industry, considering the immense water usage and toxic chemicals needed to create those beautiful lived-in fades and feel that we are always looking for in the perfect pair of jeans. However, the tide is changing. I’ve written about many of these companies, but J Brand is one that has made some pretty impressive strides over most of them. This awesome brand has just taken a huge step further with their Spring 2020 sustainable jeans collection!

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Sustainable Wedding and Party Dresses from Reformation

Is anyone else sick of the winter yet? I mean, I’m happy for the rain, those cuddly rainy days in and the holiday season which once again zipped right past us as if it was only a dream. However, it’s a new year and I’m ready for the next round of warm weather! With the party and wedding season coming up, I’m sure many of us are taking time out of our “beach body” ambitions and planning for that new favorite dress to wear to whatever springtime soirees might be in our near futures (and it’s just fun to freshen up that formal wardrobe). I’m not exactly a fancy person but it is fun to dress up from time to time. I like to opt for the semi-formal getup when it’s time for a celebration, and of course it my new look is sustainable, I’m even more happy. So, as we all yearn for warmer days ahead, I wanted to share some new sustainable wedding and party dresses from Reformation.

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Rock Your Shape Into the New Year with Lucky Brand Sculpt-Ed Jeans

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back from my holiday hiatus, and I hope everyone had a great one. I haven’t written much about denim in awhile, so lets get back to it. Just like I’m sure everyone’s 2019 was, the denim industry is constantly going through highs, lows and periods of “meh.” When it exploded in the early 2000s, it was all the rage, and since it was a fairly new thing, it was easy to come up with new trends and wild new styles. These last few years we saw so many rather interesting “trends” pop up on the market (see some from 2017, 2018, and 2019), that perplexed our style senses as brands tried their hardest to come up with something more unique than anyone else. However, trends come and go, and when it really comes down to it, all we ever want are jeans that fit well! Our bodies are all different, so shopping for the most flattering and comfortable pair is difficult, even for us fitness heads. It’s always awesome to see a well known brand go back to basics from time to time, so for this post I’m going to introduce the new Lucky Brand Sculpt-Ed Jeans.

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Zappos Introduces Sustainable Shopping with Goods for Good

Goods for Good - Sustainable Shopping at Zappos

Image: Zappos

One thing I notice when out doing my usual sustainable shopping online and perusing topics to share here on my blog is the lack of any kind of guide integrated within your usual shopping sites to find those brands. There are so many these days who have taken the initiative to clean up their act when it comes to their manufacturing processes, and most major retailers online do carry their goods. However, it still takes a bit of research to find them if you’re a shopper with a conscience, and I know as well as you do that many of us just don’t have that kind of time. Sustainable shopping can be extremely time consuming! This is why I’m stoked to see that one household name retailer has taken action. Last month, Zappos introduced their Goods for Good initiative for those seeking to shop brands that care for the environment or give back in some way, and I’m really hoping other brands follow suit real soon, as more and more shoppers have become more aware of sustainable shopping (hear that, Revolve and Shopbop?)!

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