Eco Friendly Swimwear for All Sizes from Madewell Second Wave

I think by now we’re all aware of the problem that is our global dependence on single-use plastic, and how our efforts to recycle aren’t quite going as well as expected. Most ends up in landfills, and our oceans, creating more problems than we know how to fix with our rapidly growing population. I’ve been stoked to see several companies stepping up to help fix the problem, like G-Star RAW with RAW For The Oceans (which is a line of apparel made from plastic taken right out of our precious waters), Threads 4 Thought and Teeki (both manufacture active apparel made from recycled plastic bottles) and Free Bella (swimwear made from…you guessed it, recycled plastic bottles). Now much-loved, size-inclusive brand Madewell has jumped into the mix with their own line of swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles, called Second Wave.

Second Wave features several retro and classic styles of bikinis and one pieces, with super cute details like ruffles and tied-together closures. Eight plastic bottles were used in the fabric for each one piece suit (other pieces say how many were used), and 50,900 were recycled into the entire collection! Madewell also has always been known to fit a wide range of sizes, so these adorable bikinis are available in sizes XXS-3X. Good quality swimwear is also known to be fairly expensive, especially from big name brands such as this and even more so when it comes to sustainability, but Madewell has managed to keep everything under $99 with tops starting at just $39.50. I love all the earthy toned down hues (I’m not big on bright colors usually) used within the Second Wave collection and of course, there’s plenty of black pieces to suit my personal fancy. Much of this release is already sold out, but here’s everything I could find that was still available in most sizes…and of course, we can always look forward for restocks and future eco friendly swimsuit collections from Madewell!

See the entire Madewell swim collection, featuring pieces beyond this collection, here.

Eco Friendly Women’s Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Eco Friendly Women's Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Image: WAMA Underwear. Women’s Hemp Hipsters

I’ve reviewed a lot of different things over the years…jeans, tank tops, a candle…but never undergarments (actually I just realized I haven’t even reviewed shorts yet). But I’m all for covering anything that’s cool in some unique way, especially if it is environmentally conscious. That last link for the candle was from a company (Hemp Blue) that also creates hemp jeans (surprise surprise), and I’ve written about a lot of companies that use hemp in their manufacturing. I was recently contacted by another one, WAMA Underwear.

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A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear

I am so stoked to finally have had a legit winter here in California…it’s actually been pretty cold for those of us who aren’t quite used to it, and it’s been raining quite a bit, taking us just about out of our drought! I’m definitely one for the warmer summer days, but I’m absolutely loving this cold, wet (and even snowy with hail at times) winter. When it’s as cold as it is, my go-to boots these days have been my Dr. Martens in smooth leather, as they are fairly weather repellent. I’m too afraid to wear many of my nicer leather boots when it’s wet out for obvious reasons! My Docs are warmer than most of mine as well, as are my Oliberté boots (an awesome ethical brand from Ethiopia), but I guess I wasn’t really sure what cozy was until I was approached to review a footwear brand I hadn’t heard of before, Baabuk.

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New Curvy Denim Styles for Spring from Joe’s Jeans

New Curvy Denim Styles for Spring from Joe's Jeans

Image: Joe’s

Joe’s is one of those premium denim brands where you really cannot go wrong! The denim market is so incredibly saturated, with emerging brands facing the challenge of finding a stand-out brand image and niche, and existing brands being constantly challenged to reinvent themselves as the industry changes to stay on top of new innovations and demands. Joe’s has been around since 2001 at the height of the premium denim craze, when other names like 7 For All Mankind and True Religion were seemingly instant household names and popular celebrity favorites. Every piece I’ve had from Joe’s has been a pleasure to wear, and they are also one of the first big denim brands to cater to more curvier shapes (regardless of actual size). Spring is just around the corner already, and Joe’s has released a great collection of jeans made for those who are looking for a better fit. I personally have a curvier shape from weight training, so I am excited to share these new curvy denim styles for Spring from Joe’s Jeans!

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New Eco Friendly Jeans from Liverpool

New Eco Friendly Jeans from Liverpool

Image: Liverpool

As you may already know, my main focus on this blog has slowly but surely fine-tuned itself into a focus of eco friendly and sustainable style over the years. This is partly due to the fact that denim brands (which I was initially focusing on the most and still love) gradually realized how dirty the wash process is, as did the apparel industry in general, and as awareness grew they finally did their part to make necessary changes. It’s definitely a passion so I’ve decided to keep sustainable style a prominent focus here! It’s easy for me to find sustainable non-denim items to write about, but it’s still tougher to create consistent posts in the world of sustainable denim, which is why I am super happy to present to you a new discovery: these new eco friendly jeans from Liverpool!

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Super Cute Woven Beaded Bags by Susan Alexandra

I’m a little obsessed with ways to contain and organize things, whether it be boxes, bags, drawers, or any of that fun stuff from the organization department of Bed Bath and Beyond. Collecting nice bags, just like shoes and jeans, naturally has been a fun way to entertain that taste—combined with my love for creativity and style, they’re a sure hit, right? I love quality, organization, good design and a fun way to express myself beyond what I’m immediately wearing. I own bags that fit modestly with my day’s outfit, and others that are more like statement pieces for when I’m feeling a little extra funky. I haven’t actually purchased a bag in quite a few years now, but it’s always fun to look! One brand that I recently discovered and has earned a spot in my mind is Susan Alexandra, who makes these super cute woven beaded bags! Not only are they fun, head-turning, conversation-sparking statement pieces, but each bag totally gives me a sense of childhood arts-and-crafty nostalgia.

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The Popularity of Overalls is Still Going Strong

All of us remember the classic overalls from our childhood years, even if you weren’t someone who owned a pair. I did! At the time I didn’t care at all about fashion, and wore them mostly for the convenience and comfort. I still remember my short pair. As we all know, trends seem to pop up from nostalgic times of the past—just look at all the styles that have re-emerged from the ’80s and early ’90s over the last few years! In 2014, the overall made a huge comeback, and although its popularity wavered since then, it appears it’s still going pretty strong. However, it’s evolved a lot since that re-emergence, now coming in more refined, skinny and fashionable options rather than the typical frumpy outdoorsy workwear look. I’ll admit I do not own a pair, as it’s one of those trends that I’m not sure about personally. That doesn’t matter to me much though, because it’s still awesome to me to watch what gets released every season, and I will say that there are some people who truly can rock them (I’m looking at you, Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr)!

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Low Rise, Ribcage, and Asymmetrical Jeans Oh My

Low Rise, Ribcage, and Asymmetrical Jeans Oh My - Levi's Ribcage Jeans - Livestyle Shot

Image: Levi’s. Ribcage Jean

I’m not sure how much people really pay attention to bizarre fashion trend reports (or trend reports in general), but I’m sure while perusing Facebook many of you have seen the crazy new denim “fads” over the years involving styles that you’d be pretty sure nobody would be caught dead in (but I bet you also realize lately that humans continue to blow our minds, so you react negatively to it despite your doubt). Denim has been one of those simple, basic wardrobe staples that I fell in love with due to the wide variety of artistic takes that different brands came up with, and for a heck of a long time, it was great, right? It was all about lifting the butt, elongating the legs or lengthening the torso—no woman was without at least one or two pairs of favorite jeans in her closet, and we were always looking for the next flattering pair. No matter what though, whether you like any of the other later trends such as frayed hems, mom jeans, cropped flares, jeggings or printed styles, everything always came back to the traditional, classic blue jean. Every successful denim brand knows this, and the emergence of favorable cult favorite vintage cuts and fabrics further perpetuated this truth. However…we still constantly see these attention-grabbing headlines featuring completely out-there denim styles that are being touted as a new “trend” somehow. If you know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the inside-out jeans, Topshop’s mom jeans with clear plastic knee cutouts, Natasha Zinko High Waist Double Waistband Jeans, Carmar Denim’s “Invisible Jeans,” Y/Project’s garter belt jeans and Opening Ceremony’s number with detachable legs that morphs into a pair of high cut shorts. Clearly, these somehow sell, but is it all hype, and are people really willing to spend $400 on something that is? It’s easy to conclude that in such a saturated market, these brands are simply taking the clickbait route to another level to garner attention and don’t expect any of these creations to become “the next big trend.” However, I’d say that it’s a trend in itself that these far out designs continue to be manufactured and blasted out all over the media. Does this foreshadow a new turn for the denim industry, where it’s gotten increasingly more difficult to come up with original ideas? Is denim finally beginning to see a lackluster market presence as everyone opts for their best, most comfiest and flattering pair of yoga leggings?

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New Crystal Infused Pieces from Seed of Creation

First off, I hope everyone had a great holiday season, if that’s your thing! I’m pretty sure it was obvious I was taking a break to enjoy it…I actually ended up in Hawaii for a few days! It was a much needed break. While I was gone, one of my favorite companies I’ve worked with so far (due to the fact that they fit my main focus: short production, independently owned sustainable brands) added some of the coolest new leggings to their collections…namely the ones I wore in my last post! Something you may have only seen if you follow me on Instagram, was another piece sent to me by the brand, so as promised, I’m happy to present them both, right now! Here are two new crystal infused pieces from Seed of Creation, a family-run, ethical and sustainable brand out of Bali.

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Nomads Hempwear in the Park

I was so excited to share the Nomads Hemp Wear Fall/Winter 2018 line for you guys a little while back, mostly because it’s one of my top go-to brands. This Canadian brand creates super affordable and high quality sustainable and ethical pieces and have definitely established a solid place in my wardrobe! I have numerous pieces from them, and I was stoked for them to have sent me this gorgeous piece, the Revelation Tunic. Made from hemp terry, it’s created with contrasting panels, raw edges and eye catching yet modest detailing. It’s also super super soft, and also comes in several other color options! The brand says “this tunic is equal parts urban night out and cozy day at the cabin,” and I can’t disagree. I’ve worn this to work, to get cozy at friends’ houses, and to wander around the town, just as I do with everything else I own from the brand! That’s yet one of the things that makes their work so amazing…the versatility. Pretty much every one of their pieces in my closet also sits proudly as part of my festival wear collection.

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