A Much Needed Break and a Full Solar Eclipse

A Much Needed Break and a Full Solar Eclipse

Hey all! Life has been fairly crazy lately, as I’m sure you’ve been able to tell…since I’ve lately had to change my post schedule from three days a week to once a week. A 9-5 can take a lot out of you, and this time every year is the busiest for me. This year seemed particularly more busy and stressful, which caused my poor blog to take a backseat! I’ve been working hard to keep up with my own ventures. Once I start and work as hard on something as I have on this blog, there’s no way I’m quitting that easily! Anyway, things have calmed down a bit and I feel fairly burnt out…it’s not often I get a legit vacation. However, now is the time! I’ll be heading up to Oregon to see the full solar eclipse at the Global Eclipse Gathering, put on by the Symbiosis festival out of California and other major festivals from around the world.

This is the first time a full eclipse has traversed across the United States in 99 years, so it’s a pretty significant deal! Just about every artist that has graced flyers across the global festival circuit will be there, most of which will take care of my entire artist wish list. Over 30,000 people are expected to pour into Big Summit Prairie in Oregon, and I have never been to any event of that size. My husband and I are driving all the way up, and I’m way too excited…this is such a much needed break! I hope more of you get the chance to experience the eclipse, or at least the partial eclipse from wherever you are. You can find more information about traffic, weather, and where it is expected to be visible, here.

Style wise, I’ll be wearing all of my favorite sustainable, organic and/or independently-designed festival apparel. I may or may not take photos, as sometimes with awesome events like this you forget you even have a camera! I will return on the 28th, and depending on how much catch-up I have to do after that, I’ll hopefully be back to my regular posting schedule of three days a week again. Either way, I’ll see you all again soon.

18 Summer Dresses to Keep Your Denim Cool In

It’s obvious I pretty much live in denim…the review for Sonas yoga leggings I did last week was definitely something new for me (although I’m just about always wearing leggings at festivals). When summer comes around and it’s the usual time for weeks-long heat waves here in California, wearing jeans is not always practical. For work hours, I usually opt for knee-length bermuda shorts to satisfy my denim preferences. However, the cool thing about denim is that it comes in so many different forms, and I’ve been seeing some super cute options in the form of denim dresses! Shopbop recently ran a denim dress campaign, and I also found myself swooning over several varieties from Revolve. I’m definitely loving the black denim dresses from Etienne Marcel (above) and DENIM x ALEXANDER WANG (below)! That patchwork number from GRLFRND (also below) is one to add to the wish list as well. I don’t yet have any denim dresses (I know, a surprise) as I usually just prefer to wear denim below the belt, but these are making me think twice. I’m usually into the darker styles, but I tried to get more of a variety of washes and cuts here for everyone to enjoy. Which one is your favorite?

Shop more denim dresses from Revolve here, and Shopbop here!

Here are several more styles of denim dresses to choose from:

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Front View With Hood 3

If you haven’t yet noticed, music festival life is at my core along with my affinity to denim and sustainable, ethical apparel. It’s rare to get all three together! Last May, I had the awesome opportunity to review a pair of eco-friendly, Burning Man inspired jeans from a San Frandisco-based brand that definitely deserves more recognition, Sonas Denim. I was stoked to discover a company that fit all three, AND donates a portion of proceeds towards future construction of an animal sanctuary. It just so happens that this is one of the main things I would do if I ever won the lottery! Of course I had to present this brand to all of you, my readers. They are definitely now one of my favorites and I still talk about them with all my friends and acquaintances, especially those in the festival circuit.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Revamps their Denim Collection

When it comes to denim, I’m sure Abercrombie & Fitch really hasn’t been on anyone’s radar lately. I realize it’s kind of had a tarnished image in the media over the years, but I really have to say, their denim has been some of the best fitting I’ve ever tried. Every time I walked by my local store, its constant sale signs on the front windows showed the sign of a struggling retail market, as well as brand image, and although I know every brand has to learn its lessons to stay afloat in the competitive fashion industry, I still hoped it could make a turnaround. When I was in high school, this brand was a bane of my existence…as I was definitely not one who cared about status symbols or felt like I “fit in” with the “preppy” crowd that always strutted around wearing A&F, so in a way it did not leave a good impression for me on the get go. However, as I eventually became obsessed with and more educated about denim, I realized just how underrated their jeans really were.

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Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends

Images: Shopbop

I guess it appears I’ll be swinging one post a week for a little while here, as things are getting quite slammed over in my neck of the woods…and I have a big vacation in August to look forward to (thank God FINALLY). The summer months are always pretty busy with it being the time I’m preparing new product on a website at work, along with the usual fun events and DJ gigs. With the latter, I love wearing whatever the heck I want and getting creative. Shorty shorts are never out of the question when the sun is blaring! However, for the former, although my job is pretty lax when it comes to personal style, I still prefer a more modest option. When it’s REALLY sweltering I’ll opt for a skirt, but I’m not much of a skirt person. Not every gal has a thigh gap so chafing is always an issue, and I usually prefer the security that a pair of jeans or shorts gives!

Bermuda shorts are a great option for anyone who wants to wear shorts at work or out and about while staying more on the conservative side. Just about every one of my favorite denim companies offers knee-length options in the form of denim or soft twill, and there are definitely a lot of options to choose from out there. Colored, destroyed, cuffed, frayed…it’s just about all out there. Here are some cute styles I’d find myself wearing!

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends - American Eagle 3 Shorts

Images: American Eagle Outfitters. American Eagle Outfitters AE Twill X Trouser Bermuda in Fleet Navy and Gray, and American Eagle Outfitters AE Twill X Bermuda Short in Faded Black

Knee Length Bermuda Shorts for Work or Weekends - Shorts 7

Images: Zappos. KUT from the Kloth Natalie Bermuda in Olive and Cool Grey

Looking for more options? Here are several more, in a wide assortment of price ranges.

New Summer Releases for b(air) by 7 For All Mankind

Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts lately! My good old 9-5 has been a bit of a stressor this last week as this is our busiest time of the year, and with the latest heatwave here in California I’ve been a bit wiped out! Bear with me here as I do my best to keep up. Speaking of heat, sometimes the hottest times of the year can be a challenge for us denim obsessed people. Thankfully I have a few lightweight denim pieces such as my Alexa Ankle Skinny from Mavi’s Feather line, which help keep me cool. I really only wear shorts when it’s REALLY hot, and it certainly has gotten to that point over the last week. For work I opt for bermuda or knee-length shorts, which I’ll write a post about later, and I like shorty shorts for weekend get-togethers with friends or going out on the town. For this post though, I wanted to focus on the former: another lightweight option for those who really prefer to wear jeans year round!

A year ago, 7 For All Mankind launched b(air) denim, which has become their softest and most lightweight line of jeans. It initially started off with the brand’s most popular, familiar cuts like their curvy fitting Kimmie bootcut and straight, the ‘A’ Pocket Flare, and classic skinny cuts in a variety of light and dark washes as well as distressing. The entire collection is made of 8.5oz stretch fabric that feels more like 6.5 oz (12-16oz is traditional), which the brand called “remarkably slimming stretch denim that is as light as air and as soft as silk,” that feels “virtually weightless” and “you’ll barely notice they are there.” I own one of these pieces, the Ankle Skinny With Destroy In Reign (which is now on sale), and I can vouch for that! You can read a review done by one of my fellow Denimology reviewers, Jessica, here.

The b(air) line was a success, and this time around 7 For All Mankind has released several new styles and washes to the collection! Apart from the classic light and dark blues, there are now several additional hues thanks to a new PFD fabric which allows for bright, vibrant colors in the form of a dark green (Bottlegreen), a burgundy (Mulberry), and a washed red (Copper). There have also been two brand new styles added: two skinnies featuring removable stirrups and pintucks down the front of the legs. There’s also now a grey washed jean as well as several new black styles. Every piece ranges from 6.5oz to 9oz fabric makeups, and all are promised to be some of the softest, if not THE softest, denim you own.

Shop the entire 7 For All Mankind b(air) denim line here, and check out the b(air) campaign here.

New Luxury Vegan Handbags by Angela Roi

New Luxury Vegan Handbags by Angela Roi

Image: Angela Roi

As time goes on in this journey of mine through sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and cruelty-free style, I continue to grow impressed with the high quality variety of vegan options out there. I’m not vegan myself, although I do opt for vegan or vegetarian alternatives often when it comes to sustenance. Usually I prefer leather in the form of bags and shoes, usually because this material is known for its durability and ability to improve with age. However, I’ve been enlightened on multiple occasions with several brands! Angela Roi is one of them—they a luxury handbag brand that caught my eye almost two years ago, with their beautiful collection of bags made from vegan leather (EPUL, or Exquisite Polyurethane Leather). The second thing that kept my attention was the fact that each bag came in a color that corresponded to a certain charity, which a portion of that bag’s proceeds. The cherry on top is sweatshop-free manufacturing with fair wages as well as support for skilled artisans, who craft these beautiful bags. They are all set at a great price point too! Read my post from October 2015 on Angela Roi here!

Today, the brand still thrives and has released several new bags and wallets with the same gorgeous modern flare as the ones that came before them. All bags support humane animal shelters that help our furry friends with rehabilitation, food supplies and medical care. Angela Roi bags are made with quality fabrics and durable thread, and feature gold hardware, magnetic snap buttons, and durable zipper closures. The EPUL is even processed multiple times to attain a special smooth texture! In addition, they offer free returns and exchanges on all orders. Their latest release is the super cute Sunday Mini below, and like all other bags, it comes in an awesome variety of colors toned down enough to work with any outfit or occasion (and you know me, I’m not all about those bright shades). I still haven’t had the opportunity to check out one of these bags in person, but they’ve been on my radar long enough, and have received so much positive press…I may just have to cave at some point…starting with that Mini!

“At Angela Roi, the belief is that the goodness of people has the calibre to alter the world for the better. In addition to the grandeur of luxury, we hope to pave a path of altruism. With passion, creativity and innovation it is not only possible to progress as a brand but promisingly make our planet a kinder place.”

“Nothing breaks a warm loving heart like seeing a mistreated puppy. Love for animals may have been the spark for this venture but it definitely did not stop there. From humans to animals, we believe a happy planet is where everyone is safe and jubilant.”

“We believe in constant evolution. We believe in improving unceasingly, from the quality of our products to the wellness of our world. We believe that by nourishing the world we nurture ourselves.”

“We proudly stand against animal cruelty and do our best to support mistreated animals with our donations to local shelters. In the quest of making the world a kinder place for animals, we will continue supporting humane shelters which help animals with rehabilitation, emergency care and food supplies. We will keep working to convey that fashion doesn’t depend on cruelty.”

“We pay special attention to the fair practice setting. We strive for a great work environment and fair wage. We firmly stand against child labor. To ensure all of these criteria are met at the factories, our correspondents visit them quarterly to inspect the conditions. We aim to create a different kind luxury.”

New Luxury Vegan Handbags by Angela Roi - Eleanor Satchel

Image: Angela Roi. Eleanor Satchel (Pictured here in Dusty Rose for Bloomingdales, available here)

How beautiful are these! Shop more at the Angela Roi website here or at Bloomingdales here.

Incredibly Unique Styles that Empower Women by Norma Kamali

A brand that excels at designing beautiful, unique clothing is one thing…but the photography that represents it all is another. It’s all about the whole package! Without good photography, even the coolest of clothing gets lost in the sea of competition. It’s a tough world out there and I get a bazillion emails every day (partially from many of the contests I enter so I’m always unsubscribing from things), and I’m a little A.D.D. so it takes a lot to catch my undivided attention! I don’t have to say that I created this blog to share some of the most beautiful, unique talent in the apparel world out there, or that it’s always a bonus if there’s good intentions behind it…at least, if you’ve been reading my work for the last several years. Norma Kamali is the latest brand to cross my paths and I have to say I immediately bookmarked the name as soon as I spotted my first newsletter from this amazing designer.

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The Many Faces of the Hudson Nico Midrise Skinny Jean

The Many Faces of the Hudson Nico Midrise Skinny Jean

Image: Hudson

For those of us who are fairly familiar with the premium denim world, we know very well the butt-lifting, superior fits of Hudson Jeans! As someone with a curvier shape, I find they fit me better than most and are always so flattering. I have a few models from them: the Beth Baby Boot (review here), Signature Boot (one of the original favorites from back in the day), Barbara High Rise Skinny, Colin Skinny and the ever so popular Nico Midrise Super Skinny. The Nico is a comfortable, figure-hugging in-between for those who aren’t so into high rises but aren’t partial to low rise jeans either, and it comes in several ankle-skimming or full length cuts. It’s one of my favorites, as I own it in a few cute prints as well as a gorgeous medium-dark blue wash. The Nico also has modest brand detailing, for those who like a more streamlined and clean back pocket design.

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Go Beyond the Basic Tee with LNA

Go Beyond the Basic Tee with LNA

Image: Shopbop

We all know how much of a staple the essential tee is. It’s always been marketed to us in the form of fashion articles or ads, and like a good fitting jean, the “perfect tee” can be hard to find. With the barrage of new trends and designs that have emerged over the years, it seems a modern, minimalist company with quality essentials has become a gem among the noise. Some of my favorites are DSTLD and Michael Stars, to name a few, with Alternative and Pact Organic being favorites in the sustainable and eco-friendly apparel realm. However, as much as I love a nice essential tee, sometimes I’m finding myself looking for something a little different to switch it up now and then; basic but with something modestly unique.

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