20 Unique Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts from Etsy

It can be quite hard to shop for moms…by that time in a woman’s life, she might be fairly particular and settled in her tastes and not quite feel the need for additional items around the house. Sometimes all that moms want is your company, which really is better than any gift! Jewelry, a card or flowers are always a given, but sometimes they can seem so cliché. Many people opt for DIY gifts, but how many of us have the time nowadays to craft something up? Mother’s Day is one of those times when a special, unique gift can go a long way. Personalization is a huge option, but where can you go for something emblazoned with a personal message that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I don’t know why Etsy is still often seen as simply a place where creative folks offer whatever crafts they deem special enough to purchase (which it kid of is, but..), because it’s seriously one of the best places to find quality items made with love to pass on to loved ones (or keep for yourself), that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve written several posts featuring this fun shopping destination, featuring Valentine’s Day gifts, leather tote bags, Etsy shops by friends, and some of my favorite general finds. I love supporting independent artists a whole lot more than huge chain stores or brands! So I decided to curate a post featuring 20 unique last minute Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy!

I realize it’s May already and that means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I picked out twenty totally cute or humorous items that are ready to ship within 1-3 days, so you can get any of them in time to present your gift to your mom at brunch, provided you are having your order ship within the United States. I’m loving that wine glass below, and these necklaces are so cute! I honestly don’t see how you can go bad with those crystal air plants or the terrarium either! They would make beautiful window decorations, wouldn’t they? Etsy also has a Mother’s Day gift guide, so if none of these fit your fancy, there’s a whole lot more where these came from (and then some, if you take some time to peruse Etsy beyond their picks). I promise you, you’ll find some worthwhile stuff.

Here are twenty of my favorite picks for last minute Mother’s Day gifts, from Etsy!

Shop more Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy here (but be sure to check shipping estimates to make sure you’ll get your gift in time!

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