Key Art by La Clé Jewelry

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry

The key is a symbolic icon…with tattoos it might signify opening up to a person through trust (at least that’s what I was thinking when I considered getting one), or something forbidden and mysterious. I also think of security, or peace of mind when I think of the key motif. It’s nothing new in the jewelry world at all, but I rarely see actual keys used to adorn the necks or wrists of the accessory-minded crowd. There’s always an appeal of vintage items, and I always love anything that falls into the repurposing/DIY realm too (I can be a bit of a hoarder…every little thing I find I just must keep to make it into something, even though that really…rarely…ever happens. You know once you finally toss something, you finally find a use for it anyway, right?) that makes me feel just a little better about my footprint on the planet. But I love the symbolism of a key. La Clé Jewelry followed me on Twitter one day, and I instantly saw a great blog post. Deanna Saracino is the Canadian designer behind the company, using repurposed vintage keys for a variety of hand-painted or printed pieces to wear around your neck. La Clé asks, “What’s Your Color?”, prompting customers to choose a color that represents them from a menu of colors and their meanings, to proudly wear it as a reminder to embrace its “colorful meaning.” As the paint on your key jewelry wears off over time, it symbolizes the positive energy you’ve absorbed from the meaning of your chosen color.

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Orange Denim for Thanksgiving

Orange Denim for Thanksgiving - HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Orange Denim for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Who doesn’t love the Fall? It’s one of the most fun seasons when it comes to styling…adding on layers adds a bit more ease with getting creative and I adore those earthy, toned down colors! My closet is always growing and transforming but one of the things that I still have yet to add to it is a pair of pretty burnt orange denim. I think I fell in love with the pretty pair of Rag & Bone/JEAN Jean Leggings seen on LeAnn Rimes back in 2011 and since then I’ve been mulling over a pair. Considering how many jeans I freaking have already it’s beyond me why I still haven’t added a pair in this gorgeous Fall shade. Perhaps I’m waiting out to score this exact pair seen on LeAnn on eBay? I think I’ve tried to make a rule to myself to stop buying jeans after entering the fun world of Denimology since that helps me accumulate enough…but who knows how long I’d have to wait to review a pair in this color…one of these days!

So, I decided to do something a little different for this post. I scoured the net for my favorite looks from fellow denim bloggers in orange denim. So enjoy, and be inspired, and be safe this Holiday season.

Orange Denim for Thanksgiving - Real Girl Glam and Lorna Burford from Denimblog

Amber of Real Girl Glam and Lorna Burford of DenimBlog and Raindrops Of Sapphire

A Gold E Chloe in Laguna Review on Denimology

A Gold E Chloe in Laguna Review on Denimology

A Gold E Chloe in Laguna Review on Denimology

As someone who is utterly obsessed with denim, I obviously have my big name favorites. However, part of the fun of writing for a denim blog is discovering all the new labels that are popping up to grab their slice of the denim market pie. But every now and then you’ll get an existing, well established brand create a new side label in order to appeal to a broader demographic. It’s always fun in this situation to see how these new jeans compare to the jeans of their parent brand! Jerome Dahan, founder of Citizens of Humanity and 7 For All Mankind, has sprouted off yet another brand, aimed at younger consumers with a lower price point. This brand, called A Gold E, was put into my hands for a review, and I’m happy to say I’m impressed! So lets get on with it…here’s an A Gold E Chloe in Laguna review!

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QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans

QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans

Anyone who’s ever left the house to shop for a new pair of jeans immediately knows the risk of potentially entering entering an environment that will leave you with nothing but missing hair and a migraine. Women’s jeans, unlike mens, are not consistent size-wise, and even if they were, what’s a girl to do if she’s between sizes? Add online shopping into the mix, and most would rather resort to wearing their PJs out than dealing with the pain. I’m happy to note that online shopping HAS gotten easier, with several jeans like Bluer and AYR offering free shipping and returns both ways to make finding your right size at least a little less painful. However, there’s still a waiting period involved, no matter how amazing a company’s customer service is, and few people care to make trips back and forth from the post office. Also, how many times have you found yourself smack dab in between two sizes? I have, and it can be quite frustrating. Enter QCut, a new brand offering something very new: Jeans that come in 400 sizes. Yup.

QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans

When the Kickstarter campaign is over on December 3rd, as long as QCut reaches their funding goal, the brand will send out fit surveys to everyone who pledged at least $10 towards their campaign. The survey will be used to develop their wide range of sizes, so the brand is asking women of all sizes and shapes to participate! The survey will begin with just five simple questions: your height, weight, shoe size, bra size, and the size of your favorite pair of jeans. Then, it will ask more specific questions, regarding your usual frustrations when you go to try on jeans. The funding goal is set at $75,000, however, QCut states “If we raise $500K, we have an investor committed to building a factory to make Qcut jeans. Having our own factory means we can control production and turn orders around in days instead of weeks.” I’m intrigued!

Every woman tells me: ‘I’m hard to fit.’ But there’s nothing wrong with you – the way clothes are sized today is fundamentally broken.”

QCut Kickstarter Campaign Offers a Better Way to Size Jeans - Jean Shots

This QCut campaign is over in less than a month, with $65,071 pledged as I write this towards their $75,000 goal, so go contribute asap if you are interested! This is sure to be an interesting one, in a very good way. Check it out here!

Or, if you don’t want to pledge, view their website now and complete a fit survey here!

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology - Front View

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology

If it’s not already obvious, fashion and artwork go hand in hand. After all, fashion IS a form of art (just check out any high couture fashion show or observe the numerous amounts of fashion blogs infused with home decor out there). Chances are, anyone who cares how they look when they step out the door give just about the same attention to decorating the walls of their home or admiring art exhibits. Besides the very-popular printed jeans out on the market, what if we could combine denim with artwork? J Brand just proved the incredible potential with their recent collaboration with artist Rob Pruitt, but this isn’t the only great example out there. I recently discovered Dragonfly by J. Claire, which already has a hot hold on the market with some celebrity attention. These are custom hand-painted jeans—done with your choice of both denim wash and design colors. If you please, you can even send in your own jeans to be given a makeover! I recently wrote about Dragonfly by J. Claire on my own blog, and long story short, now I have a few pairs to share with all of you! Two are from her shop, and one was done on a pair of Mia & Moss jeans I reviewed recently (review here)! So here is something truly special to present to all denim fans out there…a Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile review!

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology - Back View

As mentioned in my last reviews for the brand, Dragonfly by J. Claire was founded by artist-turned-entreprenuer Joan Claire Smith, who always desired to be a positive inspiration. She became a certified decorative painter in 2000, and used to paint textured art on the sides of restaurants and other businesses. Several people ended up asking her where she got her resulting paint-soiled jeans, so they could get a pair for themselves! So, in 2012, Smith transferred her artwork from walls to jeans by launching Dragonfly by J Claire, after her daughter sent a letter to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, leading to a phone call back from one of the show’s producers. Her intricately hand-painted works have already gotten a ton of Hollywood attention. Selena Gomez bought two pairs, and Smith had to turn down a request to create a few pairs for grab bags given to celebrities at high-profile red carpet events, due to lack of capital. Joan Claire sources her jeans from a California company, and uses stencils or goes freehand using a soft fabric paint and a dry brush technique, layering and blending to give a “fade-in fade-out” appeal. Because of this, and her desire to stay in the designer denim market with high-end fabrics, all jeans range between $200 and $300, but Smith is working towards creating a lower price point, as well as a brick-and-mortar storefront which would offer customizations for customers’ existing items. She also wants to expand her denim line to fit a variety of body shapes. Joan Claire is inspired by her late father, who was also an artist and taught her early on about giving back to those in need. She keeps this mentality through her work with the company slogan of “Create, Inspire, Give Back.” Dragonfly by J Claire also offers t-shirts to help support creative arts programs in schools with the profits, and donates 5% of net profits to a wide variety of additional causes, such as anti-bullying campaigns, children’s cancer research, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation and various human rights campaigns! She also asks customers to suggest other causes as part of her “Urban Buzz” campaign to continuously help make the world a better place.

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology - Front View 2

So this review is my second of the two custom painted jeans that came directly from her shop! For each design from her swatch shop, Joan Claire offers two washes of straight leg jeans as your canvas: white or indigo, which is a dark rinse wash. One of the jeans she sent back to me was painted on an white pair! The wash itself is the Barcelona Tile, in the Turquoise & Mediterranean blue. I basically mentioned I’d like a pair in that design, and to surprise me with the second one she wanted to send, which is represented in my review of the indigo pair. For any custom order, you can choose the size and inseam. Since I had offered to test out some different styles for Joan, this one was sent in a 28 (I’m usually a 26). It’s definitely relaxed but has a great contour! The waistband could be tighter for me, but fits well and these jeans look awesome with a styled belt. It almost makes the design pop more! As mentioned before, I have a curvier athletic shape so sometimes the waistband is tricky for me, especially with higher cotton blends that aren’t super stretchy, and these are 92% cotton, 7% polyester and 1% spandex. So if you purchase a custom pair from Dragonfly by J. Claire, I’d say go with your size for a tight fit, or size up if you like a fitted but more relaxed fit! They are stetchy, but not too much.

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology - Front Closeup View

These are a 33″ inseam (you can choose between 29″ and 33″) which is perfect for me in straights and bootcuts, so they are just in between for wear with either heels or flats. Joan states that these are safe to wash, and washing almost breaks the design in for an even more custom look! I had an unfortunate incident with these pretty white jeans and they ended up in the wash, but they still came out looking great. The design was beautiful before, but now it almost looks naturally ingrained in the jeans, with kind of a rustic or antique fading! So there’s a great demonstration for you…they definitely hold up! Just like the alternate wash choice of indigo, I’d say these are great to wear during the day to work, around the town, or wherever…but they also look spiffy enough to show off on a nightlife run. Find a pretty flowy bohemian or Spanish looking top and I’d say you’ve got the perfect combination (although I’d say these would go with almost anything that doesn’t have too much of a differing pattern).

Dragonfly by J. Claire Custom Painted Jeans in Barcelona Tile Review on Denimology - Detail View

Grab a white or indigo pair painted in the Barcelona Tile pattern here or visit Dragonfly by J. Claire here to browse her wide range of custom options!

Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology

Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology - Front View

When the temperatures drop in the winter months and it gets tougher and tougher to get out of our warm cozy beds in the morning, the thought of traipsing into work wearing our PJs or favorite pair of sweat pants sounds more like a luxury than a blatant display of sloth. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve had more than one morning like this too. Although, anything under 50 degrees is cold to me (I’m a spoiled California girl, I know). It’s during these months when I wish I had some kind of special device to pre-warm my jeans before I throw them on. I’ve gotta put some good use to those tall sexy boots I’ve been stashing all summer, after all. Of all the denim companies there are out there, why hasn’t one come up with the idea of jeans that keep you warm? Maybe ones that can trap air or something to provide insulation? Oh wait…read on, and check out this Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta review on Denimology!

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Kaley Cuoco and Gorjana for EBMRF

Kaley Cuoco and Gorjana for EBMRF

Kaley Cuoco and Gorjana for EBMRF

I actually had it in my mind for quite some time now to do a post about Gorjana…they are one of my favorite jewelry lines out there due to their adorable, classic simplicity! Every piece of theirs fits in with any outfit, and I was a huge fan of their Graham Leather Wrap Bracelet, which seems to be in short supply nowadays. Their necklaces are so feminine, with just enough detail to lightly catch an observer’s eye. Writing a post about the brand was a long time coming…and now I have an even better reason: they’ve just partnered with The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco to create a collection benefitting EBMRF, an organization for Epidermolysis Bullosa research. I actually had never heard of this disease before, and about 100,000 Americans suffer from some form of it…so if you haven’t heard of it either, I urge you to take a moment to read about it at the above link!

Kaley Cuoco and Gorjana for EBMRF - Vera

Kaley Cuoco x Gorjana Vera Ring, Vera Necklace and Vera Cuff

Most Gorjana jewelry comes in two choices of finishes: 18K gold plated or rhodium. I honestly am more of a “silver” girl when it comes to my jewelry, but with Gorjana, I ALWAYS choose gold! I don’t know what it is about their jewelry with that finish, but I can’t get enough of it. The Vera items above are available in rose gold, which I haven’t seen before with the brand, and I think I’m in love!

However…I am a huge sucker for butterflies. They are so nostalgic to me, reminding me of my childhood days chasing butterflies around the block with my net in an attempt to pursue entomology! My life choices went in an entirely different direction, but the sweet memories are still there. Oh, to have the time to be curious and spend my days in a constant state of discovery again! The butterfly symbol epitomizes those dear moments of my life, and I am looking to grab one of these pieces for that reason, along with supporting EBMRF…two great things in one.

Kaley Cuoco and Gorjana for EBMRF - Penny Necklace

Kaley Cuoco x Gorjana Penny Necklace (How fitting, right?)

Of course, this collection wouldn’t be complete without a piece dedicated to the Kaley we know on TV, Penny. So cute!

Kaley Cuoco and Gorjana for EBMRF

Read more about EBMRF here, and shop the Gorjana x Kaley Cuoco collection here! There are many more items where this came from.

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe's Jeans Farenheit

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit

Joe’s Jeans barely needs any introduction…the brand is a well-loved, well-known brand in the premium denim industry! The Los Angeles-based company, born in 2001, is a favorite for its curvy fits and super-soft, durable fabrics in a myriad of timeless styles. Like AG Jeans, Joe’s released a line of vintage styles recently, which I adored…the detailing is just beautiful! Along with that, the brand has a “Spotless” collection of stainless white denim, joining the ranks of Level 99, as well as a “Sooo Soft” collection to keep denim competitive against the rising activewear trend, as many other denim brands have done as well. And now? Something truly Joe’s…the Fahrenheit collection, designed to keep you “exceptionally warm.” These items are constructed of a lightweight fabric with hollow-core fibers that trap air to wick moisture and provide insulation.

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit - The Innes and Retta

Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Ines and Retta

The Fahrenheit collection comes in two different styles at the moment: The Ines, which comes in a mid-rise, high-rise, or curvy skinny; the Retta, which also comes in the same three skinny styles but also a cropped jacket. Coming soon are the Chanelle which comes in the same three skinny styles in addition to a petite skinny, and the Claudine, which will come in a petite skinny, mid-rise or high-rise skinny, and a boyfriend jean. These items are all created with INVISTA Lycra®, which has been gaining ground in the premium denim industry by providing stretchability and shape retention, and INVISTA’s THERMOLITE technology for warmth (check out the Denimology article about it here).

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit - Innes

Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit – Ines

I actually received the Retta Curvy Skinny shown below to review very soon for Denimology! I love this jean…it truly is super warm and hugs my curves like whoah.

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe's Jeans Farenheit - Retta Skinny

Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit – Retta Skinny

This denim provides exceptional warmth without the weight so you can stay warm and look hot.”

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit - Retta Jacket

Joe’s Jeans Farenheit – Retta Jacket

Here are the two styles that are coming soon below. I’m not all that familiar with the concept of wearing boyfriend jeans in the winter, but I’m sure they are awfully comfortable…

Stay Warm this Winter with Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit - Coming Soon

Coming Soon! The Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Chanelle and Claudine

I think this is such a fantastic idea on Joe’s part…it’s tough to stay competitive in today’s denim market and Joe’s managed to come out with something that nobody has as far as I know of, and that makes perfect sense! It looks like some of the styles are moving quickly so grab a pair for yourself as soon as you can! I plan to wear mine a lot in the last few months…that is, if California decides to get with it…

Shop the collection and view the lookbook right here!

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle Review on Denimology

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle Review on Denimology - Front Angle View

It seems I’ve started a new trend in my posts lately…in my many years of lusting over the seemingly endless, vast array of denim styles out there, I never had a chance to check out the coated denim trend. Then just in the past month or two, I’ve reviewed three of them! This third one though, is the most exciting yet, I think. This is because not only am I’m revisiting a brand I haven’t tried in awhile, but this coated style is truly for the bold and the bold at heart! I’ve never been much into metallic finishes in general, but I never swore them off. With the colder weather upon us, I think these eye-popping denim styles are more fun…coated denim tends to be thicker, so it will keep its wearer a little warmer, and since people usually wear darker colors and more layers in the winter, a little “yowza” is so fun to add to an outfit! At least that works in my case…so maybe you’ll resonate with the idea too, with this Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle review on Denimology!

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle Review on Denimology - Side View

Perhaps you could label Paige as the epitome of a perfect fit…after all, its founder and creative director, Paige Adams-Geller had her beginnings as a top-notch fit model in Los Angeles before her namesake brand launched in 2004. Paige, however, was born just a year after, adorning racks and shelves in top retailers such as Intermix, Ron Herman, Bergdorf Goodman and Harvey Nichols. It didn’t take much time before Paige denim was seen on the behinds of fashion-savvy celebrities and denim fans everywhere, and it certainly hasn’t lost its place in the denim world. The brand continues to release knockout styles every season, like the smooth Galaxy coating that came out for this Fall. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was named the ambassador for Paige a little earlier this year, and was seen totally rocking the Indio in the Blue Galaxy coating! This line was such a success, that Paige just released a revamped version, this time the coating comes crackled, in the same colors that were available for the first run. I was so excited to get a chance to review these after I saw how huge these became, and I chose the copper, as I figured it was neutral enough that it would look incredible with just about any color.

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle Review on Denimology - Front View

In the past, Paige jeans usually fit a size small, so I’d size up. I have the Skyline already, at a size 28 (I used to be a 27), and it was a perfect fit, although now the waist is a bit larger since I fit better into a 26 now after falling for the world of fitness a bit harder. Initially, The Paige Verdugo in Copper Crackle was sent to me in a 26 as I heard the brand ran more true to size now. However, I had to send it back for a 27! I could barely get it over my thighs. There isn’t a lot of stretch at all due to the thick metallic coating—these jeans have a heavier 9.7oz fabric blend of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, so I would suggest sizing up. But don’t let this fool you, they are still quite soft! They’d better be, if you’re going to be out showcasing your killer curves (and moves) in these babies on the dance floor all night, right? They are snug, but not constricting, and they hugged every curve without needing a belt, with a modest 8.5″ midrise. The 30% inseam is perfect for tucking into boots or showing off a snazzy pair of heels, with a super skinny leg opening of 10 1/4″. Paige jeans have a trademark 9 bar pattern on the outer seam of the left back pocket, and I dig how it looks with this shiny copper style. The only other brand marking is the black leather tag on the right of the back waistband with the brand logo. These are so HOT! I’d say they are the most flashy pair I own, and I’m not so sure this can be topped! They are truly made for the nightlife, and I bet they’d look amazing under club lights. I haven’t had a chance to hit the town lately but I have worn them around the house for awhile, and it seems that their shape and fit isn’t gonna budge!

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle Review on Denimology - Puppy!

If you’re currently ogling these but doubting your ability to pull off this look, I’d say, hey, you’re reading this because you love fashion, and fashion is meant for breaking rules! Plus, with Paige, you can be sure you’re in good hands, as the brand has had tremendous success in the industry for many years now. The cool thing about this copper color is I feel they really can be flashed around or toned down a bit depending on what you wear up top! I wouldn’t say they are much of a casual look of course, but the crackle adds a bit of rustic appeal to them, and as I mentioned, copper is neutral enough to go with anything. Check out the Edgemont in this style too, which adds some pizazz to this wash with zippers! If you like to frequent the clubs at night, then by all means, these are for you! You’ll be the talk of the town. The Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle is a super fun style that’s going to stick around for awhile, I think…after all, this is already round two!

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Copper Crackle Review on Denimology - Back Closeup

You can purchase a pair for yourself right here.

See this review on Denimology with all the rest of the photos from this shoot here!

Trippy 3D LED Lamps by Zinteh

Trippy 3D LED Lamps by Zinteh - Circles

Zinteh – Circles

Trippy 3D LED Lamps by Zinteh

“If you’re open to innovation, and want to avoid standard thinking, you will definitely like the idea of this 3D effect light.” I think that’s the best way to sum up these stunning designs by Bulgarian brand Zinteh…I couldn’t say it any better. I spotted these on Tough of Modern recently (unfortunately, the sale has ended but I’d bet it will be back) and I had to share them! These are LED strip lights mounted on acrylic, and are energy-efficient, lasting up to 50,000 hours without overheating…but perhaps the most amazing thing about these, is that they aren’t 3D at all, but rather flat! I want to see one of these in person! Zinteh lamps are all hand-crafted, made-to-order, and are available through an Etsy store.

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