The Fall/Winter 2017 Collection from Nomads Hemp Wear

OK guys, I’m back from vacation! As I’m sure you all know, we all often need a vacation from our vacation as it’s kind of tough to pick up the pace again after such a relaxing and memorable time, but the daily grind calls again as usual…as well as this poor blog I’ve been neglecting as other obligations took over and my much needed break finally arrived. For those who missed my last post, I was out for about two weeks on a trip up to Oregon for the week-long Global Eclipse Gathering to see the full solar eclipse, which was nothing short of spectacular! At the festival, I collected a ton of business cards for ethical and independent, handmade brands to feature here but it’s going to take me some time to sort through them all and gather material for a post. So, in the spirit of festival fashion I figured I would start things back up with one of the brands I am always so happy to feature, the Canadian-based Nomads Hemp Wear and their beautiful new Fall/Winter collection for 2017!

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A Much Needed Break and a Full Solar Eclipse

A Much Needed Break and a Full Solar Eclipse

Hey all! Life has been fairly crazy lately, as I’m sure you’ve been able to tell…since I’ve lately had to change my post schedule from three days a week to once a week. A 9-5 can take a lot out of you, and this time every year is the busiest for me. This year seemed particularly more busy and stressful, which caused my poor blog to take a backseat! I’ve been working hard to keep up with my own ventures. Once I start and work as hard on something as I have on this blog, there’s no way I’m quitting that easily! Anyway, things have calmed down a bit and I feel fairly burnt out…it’s not often I get a legit vacation. However, now is the time! I’ll be heading up to Oregon to see the full solar eclipse at the Global Eclipse Gathering, put on by the Symbiosis festival out of California and other major festivals from around the world.

This is the first time a full eclipse has traversed across the United States in 99 years, so it’s a pretty significant deal! Just about every artist that has graced flyers across the global festival circuit will be there, most of which will take care of my entire artist wish list. Over 30,000 people are expected to pour into Big Summit Prairie in Oregon, and I have never been to any event of that size. My husband and I are driving all the way up, and I’m way too excited…this is such a much needed break! I hope more of you get the chance to experience the eclipse, or at least the partial eclipse from wherever you are. You can find more information about traffic, weather, and where it is expected to be visible, here.

Style wise, I’ll be wearing all of my favorite sustainable, organic and/or independently-designed festival apparel. I may or may not take photos, as sometimes with awesome events like this you forget you even have a camera! I will return on the 28th, and depending on how much catch-up I have to do after that, I’ll hopefully be back to my regular posting schedule of three days a week again. Either way, I’ll see you all again soon.

18 Summer Dresses to Keep Your Denim Cool In

It’s obvious I pretty much live in denim…the review for Sonas yoga leggings I did last week was definitely something new for me (although I’m just about always wearing leggings at festivals). When summer comes around and it’s the usual time for weeks-long heat waves here in California, wearing jeans is not always practical. For work hours, I usually opt for knee-length bermuda shorts to satisfy my denim preferences. However, the cool thing about denim is that it comes in so many different forms, and I’ve been seeing some super cute options in the form of denim dresses! Shopbop recently ran a denim dress campaign, and I also found myself swooning over several varieties from Revolve. I’m definitely loving the black denim dresses from Etienne Marcel (above) and DENIM x ALEXANDER WANG (below)! That patchwork number from GRLFRND (also below) is one to add to the wish list as well. I don’t yet have any denim dresses (I know, a surprise) as I usually just prefer to wear denim below the belt, but these are making me think twice. I’m usually into the darker styles, but I tried to get more of a variety of washes and cuts here for everyone to enjoy. Which one is your favorite?

Shop more denim dresses from Revolve here, and Shopbop here!

Here are several more styles of denim dresses to choose from:

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review

Sonas Denim Graphic Patchwork Yoga Leggings Review - Front View With Hood 3

If you haven’t yet noticed, music festival life is at my core along with my affinity to denim and sustainable, ethical apparel. It’s rare to get all three together! Last May, I had the awesome opportunity to review a pair of eco-friendly, Burning Man inspired jeans from a San Frandisco-based brand that definitely deserves more recognition, Sonas Denim. I was stoked to discover a company that fit all three, AND donates a portion of proceeds towards future construction of an animal sanctuary. It just so happens that this is one of the main things I would do if I ever won the lottery! Of course I had to present this brand to all of you, my readers. They are definitely now one of my favorites and I still talk about them with all my friends and acquaintances, especially those in the festival circuit.

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