Fair Trade Bohemian Apparel and Accessories by Cleobella

After all these posts I’ve been making pouring out my love for independent designers usually found at music festivals, I would be lying if I said I didn’t still peruse major retailers from time to time. Shopbop and Revolve are the top favorites, but because of being exposed to the little guys and the importance of more sustainable “slow fashion” efforts, I do my best to be conscious about what ethical brands might be available from those websites. Fortunately, there are several in the designer market that do care about humanitarian and earth-friendly practices. Last year I wrote about five sustainable brands found at Shopbop, one of them being Cleobella. I revisited this brand recently and figured it was worth highlighting them again!

Cleobella is a company founded in Bali by Jim and Angela O’Brien due to the rich heritage of the island. The brand was “born on open roads,” based on founder Jim’s love for surfing and a trip around the world in search of the perfect waves. The two made a promise to appreciate the uniqueness in everything and everyone they crossed paths with, which is reflected in everything the brand has to offer. While in Bali, the two fell in love with the culture, and Cleobella was born to give back. By providing work to Bali’s artisans, the brand helps provide a sustainable income to create a positive impact on the entire community. Every product is meticulously made by hand. Bags and accessories are hand-tooled with recycled metals, limited edition textiles and leathers found locally in Bali. In addition, a percentage of every sale is donated to CARE.org to empower women in South East Asia.

I found a ton of beautiful dresses, tops and bags at Revolve, Shopbop and the Cleobella site itself to share to show how beautiful this brand really is! Here are my favorites!

“Our company was born on open roads. Jim’s love for surfing was the catalyst for a year long adventure, where we set out to discover waves around the globe. Our one goal was to embrace the soul in everything and everyone we met. Our collection is inspire by those stories you can’t always explain, but can never forget.”

“We founded the company in Bali because we were changed forever by this part of the earth, so enormously full of love, tradition and simplicity. It made sense to give back by embracing the lifestyle. Bali’s heritage, patterns and people remain at the heart of Cleobella. Our work with local artisans helps to provide a sustainable income each year, which helps to make a positive impact on the surrounding community.”

“Cleobella’s intricate process is signature to our brand, creating every product individually by hand makes each design a timeless work of art. Every bag and accessory is skillfully made with quality leathers, hand tooling, recycled metals and limited edition textiles sourced locally in Bali.”

“Cleobella’s handmade process allows us the pleasure of personally working with local artisans and small factories, creating jobs and sustainable incomes in Bali, Indonesia. In addition, Cleobella gives a percentage of all sales to empower women in South East Asia through CARE.org.”

“Cleobella is confident, beautiful and inspiring. She is a free-spirited Bohemian Goddess. Her style and sensibility is effortless. She is a lover of life, nature, people and adventure. Cleobella is my Mother, Cleobelle – born in Northern Ireland, a hippie child of the 1970s living the beach life in Southern California. She is the shining light in my life!”

I absolutely LOVE this image below!
Fair Trade Bohemian Apparel and Accessories by Cleobella - Manufacturers

Image: Cleobella.

Shop more from Revolve here, Shopbop here, and visit Cleobella’s website here.

Organic Handmade Denim Jackets by Kinetic Couture

So it’s been about a week and a half since my favorite event on the face of the planet: Lucidity Festival. For those just tuning in now, I am inspired so much by all of the independent apparel vendors at conscious festivals, especially this one! Since I started this blog writing about denim, it can be a difficult transition to mix a lot of these styles into my blog (although I’ll write about any of them that truly fit my style, as there are truly tons of great ones out there), but sometimes I find gems…handmade and sustainable brands that also use denim! One of these small businesses is one I saw last year at Lucidity and I was happy to see return to this year’s is Kinetic Couture.

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Versatile and Stylish Belt Bags for Everyday Convenience

Versatile and Stylish Belt Bags for Everyday Convenience

Image: Shopbop

OK first thing’s first, I know, I went MIA again, and I apologize…but be rest assured that if I was ever going to quit this blog (which aint gonna happen), I’d make a statement. Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s exactly what went down—I basically had three weekends of DJ gigs, work picked up, and I took a little vacation to Lucidity Festival (which yes, involved one of those gigs)! It was nice to take a break, but was also looking forward to picking it up again. Whether I post three times a week or once or not at all, I’m always looking for new things to write about! I thought today’s post should somehow tie into the music festival spirit, so I decided to write about a staple in that community which I’ve noticed gaining traction in the contemporary fashion world: utility belts. You might know them as belt bags, or most commonly, fanny packs. However, this notably tacky piece from the ’80s has totally been reinvented!

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