New Ethical Bohemian Designs by ZhenNymph

Being exposed to the “transformational” or “conscious” festival circuit has opened me up to such an incredibly awesome new world of independent style. Many people know they should be shopping more sustainably, but aren’t quite sure where to look…and browsing through (and getting to know) the vendors at many of these events has gotten me accustomed to the true benefit of supporting some of these hard working artists—supporting small is always good, but it’s also about the quality (you can tell when there’s real love put into someone’s work), ethical nature (no sweat shops), and unique appeal (the creativity always blows me away)! I’m sure you’ve seen me pouring out my love for plenty of these particular designers over the years, but apart from specifics, this newfound knowledge has been a very useful lead in finding others that I may not find at festivals. One of them being ZhenNymph, one of my absolute favorites!

I first wrote about ZhenNymph about three years ago. It’s hard to be unique nowadays as a creative but this beautiful brand, founded by designer Henn (a.k.a. “Zhenn”), has such an awesome standout distinguishable style. Henn first began creating and selling clothing on her travels around Europe and Asia in 2007, and gathers a lot of her inspiration from attending meditation retreats, as she is currently also a meditation practitioner. ZhenNymph is a great example of “slow fashion” vs “fast fashion,” as everything is created in small batches by a team of six tailors in India. The team prides itself in ethical and fair trade practices as well as a warm and playful family atmosphere in the production environment. I absolutely love the attention to detail and high quality of everything—at the time of my first post about them, I had yet to own any of these pieces, but I now have three (Chilling in my Jogger Pants in Teal, the Mia Crop Top, and the Ixia Hooded Crop Top in Tribal Blue) and I can vouch for all three! I’ve worn them each at festivals or while out and about. I’ve already got my eyes on more! This is a brand I can’t ever keep my eyes off of.

One other thing about Henn is that she does not follow the usual flow of fashion in terms of seasonal releases. Instead, she creates when she is inspired to do so, so you never really know when something new and awesome will be available! I think three years between posts has been long enough to have several new items to share with you all, and there are a whole lot more where that came from. Here are my favorite new releases from ZhenNymph!

“I am Henn a.k.a. “Zhenn”, dreamer and creator of ZhenNymph. I create with a focus on comfort and flow. Basically creating what I feel inspired to wear 🙂 adding unique details to make each design a truly special one.”

“We produce in very (very!) small batches. It’s more economic for both the environment and for us. Hence why often designs run out of stock and ‘sales’ are rather rare.

We are not part of the ‘fast-fashion’ industry and do our best to deliver a more personal, ethical, and a loving experience.”

“Smelling fabrics and feeling colors I always had a passion for playing with fabrics and created my own clothes already as a teenager, so when the need to support my free spirited life style came.. well.. ZhenNymph was born. In 2007 I made my first collection and was selling it while traveling around Europe and Asia. It felt amazing being able to support my ‘out of the system’ life style with my creations. There was such a YES vibrating in me when creating my line and a clear knowing that in this chapter in my life. ZhenNymph is what I was simply meant to be doing. A huge part of what’s fueling me to keep creating is the appreciation and recognition I have felt for my work by my amazingly loving customers. Without that encouragement and support ZhenNymph wouldn’t be.”

“I’m kind of a mess really 🙂 in the best way possible (or I’d like to think so). ZhenNymph has no catalogs, seasonal collections etc.. I create when I feel inspired to, which is the most authentic way for me to run this little show. Respecting my organic creative flow helps me make sure this brand remains my love and an expression of my passion and does not become a burden. #ILoveWhatIdo”

“I currently own a small workshop with 6 tailors, that I personally work with closely, and produce solely for the ZhenNymph brand. My workshop is located in India. I do not believe in ‘fast-fashion’ and completely avoid the services of big manufacturers. All of my designs are made in very (very) small batches (hence, often designs are out of stock) and we definitely insist on very ethical/fair trade practices and a warm (and even playful:)) family atmosphere.

We are 100% sweatshop free and all of our garments are ethically made with much attention to detail and lots of love.”

“My Slow Fashion attitude does mean that manufacturing costs me more. But I feel that it is more fair to everyone involved. Including our planet. Producing small amounts allows me to organically grow and produce according to what I see you like buying 🙂

(big brands produce thousands of pieces in each design which reduces costs but will also create a lot of waste and the need for huge sales/markdowns)”

“I make a point not to mark up my designs and do my very best to keep my prices as low as I can while making sure my team both in India and in the US are paid more than fairly. My vision is to have an alternative brand that offers something different and unique all while remaining inclusive and affordable.”

“I make a point not to mark up my designs and do my very best to keep my prices as low as I can while making sure my team both in India and in the US are paid more than fairly. My vision is to have an alternative brand that offers something different and unique all while remaining inclusive and affordable.”

Shop MANY many more gorgeous pieces from ZhenNymph here. If this brand sparks your tastes, your wardrobe will thank you!

New Unique Denim Pieces for Summer from BLANKNYC

I’ve been a huge fan of BLANKNYC for quite some time now! My experience writing reviews and content for has been such a great way to become more familiar with several brands I only window shopped in the virtual sense before, and this one has stuck with me strongly since then. I’d say they bridge the gap between the premium market and the more affordable side of contemporary fashion—they aren’t cheap, but the prices are awesome considering the edgy creativity and quality that goes into this super fun brand. So in that sense, I find them very affordable! I have a few of their jeans (the Skinny Classique in Good Vibes being my favorite), but it’s their jackets (especially their embroidered ones) that I seriously want to fill my closet with! The Embroidered Vegan Leather Jacket in As You Wish was a hit last year and is one of my favorites, as is a blue tie dyed piece and the Sea of Flowers jacket (shown below), which I recently acquired! There are so many more still on my wish list, even discontinued ones that I’ve had bookmarked on both Poshmark and eBay for years! I have to avoid looking at their site too much or my list grows longer and longer…

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