The New Hi Honey Denim Collection from Joe’s

The New Hi Honey Denim Collection from Joe's

Image: Joe’s

Since people often ask me about jeans that fit curvier body types, I thought I would continue on the subject with this post! Joe’s often comes up in conversations on this topic, for good reason. This brand was formed in 2001, which was around the time premium denim was really starting to take hold of the market. Most of the big name denim brands at the time were all about a good fit and accentuating your assets, but unlike most, Joe’s wasn’t really about the flashy name as much as they were about the fit. They’ve always been a bit more on the revolutionary side, and gained a quick following from those who weren’t so interested in showing off a recognizable logo on their bums wherever they went. Because of this, along with their attention to market demands and willingness to evolve, Joe’s established roots that gave them a strong staying power in the game!

The Honey has been Joe’s signature curvy fit for a long time now. It came primarily in a bootcut style, but also a skinny fit. However, over the last few years it seems Joe’s has focused a bit more on other innovations, such as eco-friendly processes, spotless white denim, jeans that keep you warm or cool, jeans that fit in with your mobile life and new high tech fabrics that flatter a wider range of body types, which put the specifically curvier fits on a bit of a back seat. These have all been pretty good successes, but Joe’s knows what they are best known for.

In a society with an ever-increasing awareness of body positivity, more and more brands are understanding the importance of inclusiveness in their product lines. Joe’s has just released their “Hi Honey” collection which brings back the iconic Honey fit, but with a higher rise to help sculpt the waistline while enhancing and smoothing out your curves. Remember, all women’s bodies are curvy…we all have shape, so we can all benefit from these new releases no matter what size we are! Here are all of the new timeless curvy fits from Joe’s, which includes bootcut styles (I love skinnies, and will probably always wear them, but this is refreshing!) as well as skinny cuts, even a pair of bermuda shorts for this crazy warm summer!

Visit them all at Joe’s here.

New Jeans for Your Unique Shape from American Eagle Outfitters

I have to say that American Eagle Outfitters is the only big brand that has stood the test of time and stuck with me since my college years. Among all of the others, they’ve been pretty darn successful due to their willingness to evolve with the market and improve not only in quality but in their appeal to a wider demographic. Within my premium denim collection, I have several jeans from them, and they are always the brand I recommend to those who ask me for advice on a pair of well-fitting, quality jeans that won’t break the bank! I’m always impressed by how well made and comfortable these jeans are. Some of the washes are gorgeous, as well as the detailing, and they fit so well over my curves. I’m more on the muscular side, as I work out a lot and lift weights, so I always suggest American Eagle jeans to those who ask about jeans that fit fuller bodies.

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