New Eco Friendly Jeans from Liverpool

New Eco Friendly Jeans from Liverpool

Image: Liverpool

As you may already know, my main focus on this blog has slowly but surely fine-tuned itself into a focus of eco friendly and sustainable style over the years. This is partly due to the fact that denim brands (which I was initially focusing on the most and still love) gradually realized how dirty the wash process is, as did the apparel industry in general, and as awareness grew they finally did their part to make necessary changes. It’s definitely a passion so I’ve decided to keep sustainable style a prominent focus here! It’s easy for me to find sustainable non-denim items to write about, but it’s still tougher to create consistent posts in the world of sustainable denim, which is why I am super happy to present to you a new discovery: these new eco friendly jeans from Liverpool!

I reviewed a pair of jeans from Liverpool a little while back, and I only have great things to say about them. They were a pair of pull-on skinnies, which was a welcomed new thing to try and add to my wardrobe! This new release of three eco-friendly styles is a capsule collection—Liverpool’s attempt to do better for the planet. The wash process for jeans (basically what is done to get those beautiful fades we all love so much) is fairly wasteful and uses a ton of water. These jeans use a lot less! They also use BCI-certified cotton, environmentally safe OEKO-TEX approved indigo dyes, and FSC certified rayon (which helps with that super soft feel) coming from a sustainable source to protect our forests.

Check out the current eco-friendly styles from Liverpool! I look forward to seeing new releases in the upcoming seasons.

Below is the pair of pull-on skinny jeans I reviewed from Liverpool! Check out that review here.

View Liverpool’s eco-friendly line on their website here.

Super Cute Woven Beaded Bags by Susan Alexandra

I’m a little obsessed with ways to contain and organize things, whether it be boxes, bags, drawers, or any of that fun stuff from the organization department of Bed Bath and Beyond. Collecting nice bags, just like shoes and jeans, naturally has been a fun way to entertain that taste—combined with my love for creativity and style, they’re a sure hit, right? I love quality, organization, good design and a fun way to express myself beyond what I’m immediately wearing. I own bags that fit modestly with my day’s outfit, and others that are more like statement pieces for when I’m feeling a little extra funky. I haven’t actually purchased a bag in quite a few years now, but it’s always fun to look! One brand that I recently discovered and has earned a spot in my mind is Susan Alexandra, who makes these super cute woven beaded bags! Not only are they fun, head-turning, conversation-sparking statement pieces, but each bag totally gives me a sense of childhood arts-and-crafty nostalgia.

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