Eco Friendly Swimwear for All Sizes from Madewell Second Wave

I think by now we’re all aware of the problem that is our global dependence on single-use plastic, and how our efforts to recycle aren’t quite going as well as expected. Most ends up in landfills, and our oceans, creating more problems than we know how to fix with our rapidly growing population. I’ve been stoked to see several companies stepping up to help fix the problem, like G-Star RAW with RAW For The Oceans (which is a line of apparel made from plastic taken right out of our precious waters), Threads 4 Thought and Teeki (both manufacture active apparel made from recycled plastic bottles) and Free Bella (swimwear made from…you guessed it, recycled plastic bottles). Now much-loved, size-inclusive brand Madewell has jumped into the mix with their own line of swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles, called Second Wave.

Second Wave features several retro and classic styles of bikinis and one pieces, with super cute details like ruffles and tied-together closures. Eight plastic bottles were used in the fabric for each one piece suit (other pieces say how many were used), and 50,900 were recycled into the entire collection! Madewell also has always been known to fit a wide range of sizes, so these adorable bikinis are available in sizes XXS-3X. Good quality swimwear is also known to be fairly expensive, especially from big name brands such as this and even more so when it comes to sustainability, but Madewell has managed to keep everything under $99 with tops starting at just $39.50. I love all the earthy toned down hues (I’m not big on bright colors usually) used within the Second Wave collection and of course, there’s plenty of black pieces to suit my personal fancy. Much of this release is already sold out, but here’s everything I could find that was still available in most sizes…and of course, we can always look forward for restocks and future eco friendly swimsuit collections from Madewell!

See the entire Madewell swim collection, featuring pieces beyond this collection, here.

Eco Friendly Women’s Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Eco Friendly Women's Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Image: WAMA Underwear. Women’s Hemp Hipsters

I’ve reviewed a lot of different things over the years…jeans, tank tops, a candle…but never undergarments (actually I just realized I haven’t even reviewed shorts yet). But I’m all for covering anything that’s cool in some unique way, especially if it is environmentally conscious. That last link for the candle was from a company (Hemp Blue) that also creates hemp jeans (surprise surprise), and I’ve written about a lot of companies that use hemp in their manufacturing. I was recently contacted by another one, WAMA Underwear.

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