New Eco Sustainable Denim Styles from J BRAND

I get so excited seeing more of my all-time top favorite denim brands doing their best to go sustainable! For those who don’t know, denim has been such a guilty pleasure for me—I love denim, but the manufacturing process is quite dirty. It takes a ton of water and chemicals to get those worn-in fades we all like so much, and then we get into the pesticides used with growing the crops and the amount of land that is necessary to produce all the cotton needed. Joe’s, Patagonia, Reformation, Liverpool and Everlane are all brands that are revamping or have revamped their production to help support a healthier planet. In 2018, J BRAND released their first ever sustainable capsule collection, and they’ve just followed it up with another big step!

J BRAND began in 2005 at the height of the premium denim craze, and has been one of the leading brands in the industry due to their clean and classic cuts with vintage appeal and modest styling. I reviewed a few pairs from them, my favorite being the Photo Ready High Rise Maria skinny in 2014 which is still a favorite in my closet today. In 2018, they released their first sustainable denim collection which focused on a reduction of waste, chemicals and water use. I’m excited to see they’ve just released their second eco friendly denim collection, which uses up to 99% less water and several styles use 30% recycled cotton. J BRAND is also using sustainably produced, biodegradable tencel fibers and botanical polyesters, recycled thead, hangtags made from recycled paper, and sustainably sourced hardware—and in 2019, plans for 50% of all women’s denim to be made from sustainable elements (and 100% for men’s), more faux fur options, and faux leather products. They are working hard to eventually be 100% sustainable across the board!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from J BRAND’s new eco-friendly denim collection.

Shop the entire J BRAND sustainable denim collection here.

The Nomads Hemp Wear Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

I’m sure you’ve spotted a little incessant brand loyalty here and there throughout my posts by now…there are definitely those brands I’ve discovered while running this blog that I’ve consistently been impressed with to the point where I don’t ever think I’ll ever stop writing about them. Some brands come and go and change so fast you don’t know what happened, and some lose quality over time. I’ve also noticed that with this eco-fashion movement, sometimes it’s hard to tell which are simply riding the marketing wave and which really do care about being more environmentally conscious. Even with the truly sustainable brands, the prices can drive out much of the potential consumers who simply aren’t able to add fresh new pieces to their wardrobe every season…and some of those brands are more on the minimal, more modern side without much variety in designs, which isn’t everyone’s taste. I’m all for spending more on less items to fill my closet with the very (beautiful) basics, but lets be real here, most of us love a fresh new piece or way to express our individual senses of style each season. Nomads Hemp Wear is a brand that stands out in a way that addresses every one of these concerns in a uniquely beautiful way.

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The Studio 901 Handbag Collection by Sustainable Brand Matt & Nat

When it comes to handbags and footwear, usually I go for leather. This is mostly for the durability factor, but also because it also ages so beautifully, and it is a byproduct that otherwise would be discarded. Also, I buy most of my stuff secondhand nowadays, so since I understand the problem of the meat industry being so terrible for our environment, this helps me feel a bit better. However, I’ve noticed the animal friendly, vegan community really making incredible strides in their manufacturing practices, with vegan leather being just about as strong, if not as strong, as the real thing. Matt & Nat has been an amazing vegan handbag brand on my radar for quite some time now, and I’ve carried a few of their products for awhile and they’ve held up quite well!

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