Stylish, Durable and Sustainable Footwear by Rothy’s

Stylish, Durable and Sustainable Footwear by Rothy's

Image: Rothy’s

I write a lot about sustainable apparel (as that is my main passion and focus), and sometimes it’s easy to gloss over another important wardrobe staple—footwear! While brands I’ve written about such as Baabuk and Oliberté come to mind, I don’t often come across many eco-friendly alternatives in that department, as the market seems to be focusing mostly on your common coverings. However, a good pair of shoes is possibly the most important. Our feet take us everywhere, and we all need comfort, support, and definitely durability as a solid pair can last us for years and save us dough. Cheap shoes make up a lot of the fast fashion market and thus, create a ton of waste as they aren’t always designed to fit properly and as I’m sure I don’t need to mention, don’t last very long. Shoes are one item that I never skimp on and realize it’s worth it to spend the dime for quality and to save money in the long run. While searching around for blog topics, I ran across some awesome sustainable footwear by Rothy’s, and I’m excited to share this brand with you!

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Nomads Hemp Wear at the Getty

Leaning on Wall at the Getty Museum

Things have taken quite a few strange turns lately…which is why I’ve been slacking on my posting schedule. Life, you know? Either way, I love blogging and sharing pieces and brands I love with all of you so no matter what I don’t plan on stopping any time soon…or at all! I’ve been spending a lot of time in Southern California lately, mostly in the Los Angeles area, and I’m digging it. I had a chance to finally check out The Getty museum! Original Van Gogh pieces, what?! Shortly after, I hit up Santa Monica Pier and rode the coaster…twice. Bucket list item checked off! I wore a brand new pair of leggings from Nomads Hemp Wear on my adventures, which kept me feeling comfy and stylish.

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