New Wardrobe Game Changers from BLANKNYC

I usually prefer to write about specific focuses, namely sustainable style for example, but in the meantime, there are so many favorite brands out there I’m always keeping my eyes on. Not all of them are sustainable, but I will always admire creativity in all its forms. So for today, I figured I’d make a general post highlighting one of these awesome names. Closet staples, like a little black dress or classic pair of blue skinny jeans, will always be highlights, but how boring would it be if that’s all we focused on? One of my favorite things to do is throw on one statement piece along with the every day essentials to spark up my look, but there are some days when I just feel totally spunky and decide to go all out. I adore those items that completely break the mold and stand out from the rest! Either way, you deserve those fun, occasional new wardrobe pieces that either define your unique character or keep you party-ready. BLANKNYC is one of those brands that always fits that mold for me, and I’m loving their new arrivals at the moment (as always)!

BLANKNYC is known for their vegan leather collections. They are the top brand I turn to when I’m shopping in that department due to their affordability and durability. How many of you have bought vegan leather pieces that just started cracking and flaking over time? Annoying. Apart from that, this brand has such a wide range of offerings, from everyday staples to edgy pieces to help you express your wild side. Their new arrivals right now definitely reflect that, and whether or not I could see myself wearing everything they create, I definitely feel inspired checking out all new releases! I’m definitely digging that Ombre Teddy Coat above, even though I usually don’t like wearing such bright colors often. However, that Leopard Print Great Jones Skinny Jean is totally calling my name.

Here are my favorite, fun new wardrobe worthy items from BLANKNYC’s latest releases. Which ones are you drawn to?

Shop all new arrivals from BLANKNYC here.

Sustainable Loungewear for Working from Home by Alternative Eco

Here we are in 2021, and we are still sheltering at home. For the most part, at least…depending on where you live. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t worn jeans much in quite some time now because of all this. I do try to wear them on occasion to jump start my brain to productive mode, but those comfy clothes definitely call my name eventually during the day. Either way, trying to stay somewhat stylish is a bit more effective when trying to stay focused and get stuff done than staying in my pajamas is. So, why not find a middle ground? There are so many fun options for fashionable loungewear out there that are sure to help pick up your mood and get you up and running (in a figurative sense). And of course, there is a lot of great sustainable loungewear out there to fit that mold.

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Black Denim Jeans – 24 Unique Pairs to Shake Up Your Look

Black Denim Jeans - 24 Unique Pairs to Shake Up Your Look

Image: Shopbop

For most people, jeans are nothing more than a closet staple. It makes sense why they are seen in a classic sense; everyone wants pieces that will fit with everything. Essentials are definitely important, but why not shake it up from time to time? One of the reasons why I love the denim industry so much is because there are so many creative takes to your basic denim jean. Being someone who prefers to wear black most of the time, black denim is a huge part of my wardrobe. I feel I can never have too many pairs of black jeans. To most, that may sound strange…black denim is black denim, right? Well I’m here to throw that outdated idea out the window.

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