Celebrating Women Artists with House of Aama Tote Bags

I know I might not always be on point with creating posts to coincide with holidays or days marked to honor certain causes or groups, but you bet when I see something noteworthy in terms of brands stepping forward to benefit the common good, I’ll definitely do my best to create a post for it. Supporting small artists is one of those things that means a whole lot to me, and I love it when retailers or brands collaborate with capsule collections to help support them. It’s often tough to find some of these artists on their own so giving them exposure and support is absolutely commendable, especially when it’s a high end retailer because such small artists or eco friendly brands get easily lost in the sea of premium goods from other brands available on those online storefronts. I’m always looking at my two favorite internet-based shops, Revolve and Shopbop, for such brands, and I’m totally loving the subject of this post: tote bags celebrating women artists by House of Aama.

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