7 For All Mankind Brings Luxuriously Soft Denim with b(air) Silk

In these strange times where most of us are finding ourselves staying home more often, I’m sure jeans aren’t exactly the first thing on our minds. However, I know denim is still such a pretty solid, coveted closet staple item and it’s not going anywhere soon (or ever). Personally, when I want to feel productive at home, I like putting on something that I might wear to work, but I admit I’ve been opting for leggings instead the longer this craziness drags on. I do still love my denim collection though, and it appears that the industry isn’t letting anything slow them down. Just like when the “athleisure”, or activewear trend emerged, denim brands are still finding ways to make their jeans as comfortable as possible. 7 For All Mankind is a brand that’s always on the forefront of innovation, and they’ve recently taken their most comfortable collection ever, b(air), and made it even better.

I write a lot about 7 For All Mankind for good reason. They are one of the only veteran premium denim brands from the early 2000s, when high end jeans first exploded on the market, that are still going fairly strong. It definitely takes a good amount of flexibility, agility and awareness of consumer demand to stay on top, and I have a lot of respect for this brand for constantly moving with the ever-changing, volatile markets. I own a pair of their super soft, lightweight b(air) jeans, which were first released in 2016, and have written about this ever-evolving collection several times since then, as it continues to be one of the brand’s driving forces. I didn’t think they could make these jeans any more comfortable, but they have. 7 For All Mankind has just released b(air) Silk, which is exactly what it sounds like.

7 For All Mankind’s b(air) Silk collection consists of four new styles: three skinny variations and one bootcut (the ever-fabulous, curve-hugging Kimmie fit seen above), each woven with silk fibers for a new luxurious, super soft, lightweight feel. This fabric also offers a slimming stretch for extra flatter factor. This second-skin fit is perfect for either lounging (or working) at home or enjoying a night out. I certainly hope to try one of these styles! When you think there’s nothing new you could do with a pair of jeans, 7 For All Mankind is one of those brands that will make you think twice.

“Our ultra-lightweight stretch denim, woven with silk fibers for a luxuriously soft, virtually weightless feel. An indulgent kind of comfort, it’s as good with a tee as it is with cashmere.”

“Our lightweight jeans for women feature our signature stretch fabric that feels weightless and looks flawless, empowering you to tackle your to-do list and enjoy life. Experience the bliss of the perfect comfort and style combination with b(air) lightweight denim jeans at 7 For All Mankind.”

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