7 For All Mankind’s Color of the Season

I realize that certain wardrobe colors and color combinations are more prominent during certain seasons, but I always tend to wear whatever sparks my eye, any time of the year. Either way, it’s fun to see what different gorgeous shades that brands market from season to season! Since Fall is around the corner, it’s just about time to see all the bright colors tune down to more earthy tones, or “jewel tones” as some may call them: burgundy, olive greens, dark greens, browns or shades of bronze and gold. I’m not the biggest fan of gold, but I do love a pretty bronze…especially during the summer, actually! I think it brings out those hard-earned tans more than most other colors. I would say it’s a cross-season eye-catcher, and one of my favorite denim brands has made it a spotlight color in a brand new collection! “Penny” is 7 For All Mankind’s color of the season.

I’m not a fan of “nude,” or “gold,” as mentioned above, and I rarely wear brown…but this shade is so absolutely pretty! It’s got a bit more oomph to it and looks like it would be great both under the sun or on a night out under a different kind of lighting. I bet it has a way of bringing out the color of eyes and certain makeup hues too. “Penny” makes for a pretty cool collection of jeans, tops and a jumpsuit, and I think everything within the entire collection looks pretty awesome together! Choose from luxurious satins and chiffons and you’ll be feelin’ great and ready to make an entrance wherever you go.

Here are pieces featuring Penny, 7 For All Mankind’s color of the season.

View the entire collection at 7 For All Mankind here.

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