A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Lake View

Lake view from the Tahoe Rim Trail

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe

In case anyone was wondering why there were no posts on Wednesday and Friday, it was because I was taking a MUCH needed break! My hubby and I headed up to Lake Tahoe for the week and took in the views and fresh mountain air with some hiking, jet skiing, a little gambling of course, and exploring the beautiful Heavenly resort which we both hope to return to if and when California gets a significantly snowy winter again! Both of us have been to the snow numerous times, I had been to Tahoe once to snowboard (Northstar and Mt. Rose), but he hadn’t been up here at all. I hadn’t seen it in the summer, so really this was kind of a first for us both! I had thought about making a post at the beginning of the week to announce my absence but I thought ah heck…the break was needed so bad and I had so much to do leading up to it that I figured it would be good for me to just not worry about it. Also, I had my STRÖM review on Denimology and I didn’t want to wait much longer than Monday to post it since it actually had gone live on Friday.

On the last day of our vacation, I was also very pleasantly surprised to find my piece about my denim obsession published on The Jeans Blog! This awesome UK-based denim blog is the work of Lorna Burford of Raindrops of Sapphire, which is the blog that inspired me to start my own after beginning reviews for Denimology. Lorna is also the editor over at DenimBlog, which, along with Denimology, was my source for reviews before I would purchase my own jeans many many years ago! Lorna had contacted me to write a piece for her Denim Tales section on The Jeans Blog, and as life would have it, many things got in the way and it got put aside until I took a few days off from work a few weeks ago and got it done. And here it is! I am so stoked about this, and it just goes to show one of the things I love about blogging and bloggers…many out there are very kind and more than happy to help each other, and even collaborate at times! So thank you Lorna! You can check out my piece here!

The Saturday before our week long vacation, on the 22nd, we treated ourselves with a little bit of high school nostalgia (if that really exists) by meeting up some friends down in Santa Ana to attend our first legit metal concert: Coal Chamber and Fear Factory! They rocked the Observatory with a handful of also great opening bands, and we thought it was crazy considering we’ve both been fans since high school (on our own accords, we didn’t know each other back then) and although we’ve both been to a ton of concerts and shows, this was the first one that really rocked. A friend of mine that we met up with is a videographer for several bands in Los Angeles, producing music videos, so I got to meet a member of another favorite of mine, Julien-K, who headed over real quickly to say hi. What a night! I got a workout fist pumping and headbanging for sure.

We arrived in Tahoe on Monday afternoon, after leaving that Monday (SO MUCH DRIVING…I used to love long road trips, what happened to me?). We stayed on the Nevada side, and quickly found the California border thanks to Google Maps on a four mile hike along the Van Sickle/Tahoe Rim Trail that Tuesday from our side of Heavenly to the front side at the lake, then found the road marking after exiting the trail. Wednesday we had intended to hit the lake and do some kayaking, but it was quite windy and choppy out there, as well as cold, and we were advised to come out on Thursday. So on Wednesday we explored the resort area, did some gambling at Harrods at the penny slots (how FUN that was…we won $68!), met some new friends at happy hour at a nearby bar, then headed back to our grubbing hole down the street from our condo, Fox & Hound, which we hit up just about every day. Thursday we decided to rent a SeeDoo instead of kayak, and this was my first time! I let my hubby drive, and I rode on back. After that we took the gondola up to the top of Heavenly and made it to 10,000 feet to the highest point and hiked around up there! I remember a time getting flulike symptoms due to altitude when I was a kid hiking at Heather Lake in Sequoia, and that was just below 10,000 feet. I certainly felt a bit light headed, and much of the hike was uphill, but we quickly acclimated and did just fine, even though it’s definitely more of a struggle, I don’t think I could jog up here so easily! Despite being in pretty good shape, we had to take several breaks. After hiking around the resort and checking out a lot of the summer activities up there (obstacle courses, climbing walls, a soon-to-be alpine coaster, tubing slides), we headed back. Friday we came home so we’d have the weekend to rest! And yes, I still avoided doing too much work…and now, it’s back to the grind.

Check out some of my photos from my Tahoe break below! Please excuse the quality…these were taken on my phone! We had a nice camera and got some better ones, but I figured for the sake of this post, that this would be fine for now.

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Me on Log

About to take on the Tahoe Rim Trail down to the casinos!

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Tahoe Rim Trail

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - CA/NV border

Hmm…which side?

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Sunset

Sunset from our condo

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Heavenly Gondola

Taking the gondola up to hike the Heavenly resort

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Feet Chair Lift

On the way down the chair lift after our hike at 10,000 feet in Heavenly!

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Kayaks

Kayaks for rental

A Much Needed Vacation in Tahoe - Smokehouse Bloody Mary

The Smokehouse Bloody Mary at Fox & Hound Lake Tahoe Bar & Grill to finish up our vacation correctly!

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