A New Fusion of Art and Fashion by Sociale Revolution

A New Fusion of Art and Fashion by Sociale Revolution

A New Fusion of Art and Fashion by Sociale Revolution

Like the next fashionista, I love the large, established, tried and true seasoned brands. However, I also have an affinity for the little guys…it can’t be easy in this overly-saturated market. It’s fascinating to see how creative startups are nowadays, especially with Kickstarter projects like Barbell Jeans (previously featured on this blog) and now Art Wear by Sociale Revolution. Sociale Revolution is a collective aimed at making art more accessible and upfront by encouraging its use for social debate. The group states “We’re giving artists a grand state and making their art more accessible, all while giving back to our cultural roots.” This new Art Wear Kickstarter project is an extension of this vision, allowing artists to expand the influence of their work beyond the galleries and into the hands (or onto the bodies) of fashion-forward people everywhere for a truly unique movement of personal expression.

Art is a powerful lens through which we examine the world around us. It empowers individuals and sparks debate. We are introducing a new way for people to discover great original art and truly own it as an extension of themselves.

Art Wear by Sociale Revolution isn’t only an incredible way for artists to gain more exposure, but also is win-win all around in more ways than one. Everything they produce is made from scratch with eco-friendly processes in the USA, from the organic fabric to packaging to clothing labels…you name it. Each garment is pre-shrunk with a special garment dye to ensure great fit and structure that will last through wash and wear. Even the printing process itself was considered—Art Wear goes beyond the industry standards in terms of number of colors, and uses a water-based ink that fuses with the fabric for a seamless printing process and a natural feel for the end consumer. Sociale Revolution also recognizes that quality clothing and art is often a luxury, and is priced as such, so a big part of this project’s mission was to make both available in one perfect package at a price that works for everyone.

A New Fusion of Art and Fashion by Sociale Revolution

To truly enhance the experience of personal expression, consumers will be able to pick a piece of art that suits them, choose one of two color schemes, and have it printed on their choice of a wide range of garment cuts: Original Crew Neck or Rounded Neck, V-Neck, or Sleeveless Tank. As a shopper myself (and someone who is obsessed with customization), I LOVE the idea of being able to truly make each piece of apparel my own. Consumers love choices, and it’s very rare to find that in today’s apparel market! As a creative myself, I also understand how incredibly difficult it is to get your art out there, so I’m all for this wonderful idea to combine both the awesomeness of personal style with a way for talented and passionate artists to get their work out there! Art galleries are awesome, but how often do people take the time to visit them in today’s busy world? I already have an appreciation for street art, and this takes it to a great new level.

This project launched on Thursday, June 19 and needs at least $20,000 in pledges by Saturday, July 19 2014 to be in the clear, and appears to be off to a decent start! Read more about this great project or offer your support right here!

Read more about Sociale Revolution.


  1. Hank June 20, 2014 / 4:57 pm

    Thanks a lot for the awesome post!! I’ll be sure to check them out.

    • decadentdissonance June 24, 2014 / 4:28 pm

      No problem! I enjoyed writing about these guys…this is such a cool idea! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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