A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear

I am so stoked to finally have had a legit winter here in California…it’s actually been pretty cold for those of us who aren’t quite used to it, and it’s been raining quite a bit, taking us just about out of our drought! I’m definitely one for the warmer summer days, but I’m absolutely loving this cold, wet (and even snowy with hail at times) winter. When it’s as cold as it is, my go-to boots these days have been my Dr. Martens in smooth leather, as they are fairly weather repellent. I’m too afraid to wear many of my nicer leather boots when it’s wet out for obvious reasons! My Docs are warmer than most of mine as well, as are my Oliberté boots (an awesome ethical brand from Ethiopia), but I guess I wasn’t really sure what cozy was until I was approached to review a footwear brand I hadn’t heard of before, Baabuk.

Baabuk is a nature-inspired footwear brand from Switzerland created by founding couple Galina and Dan. The two started their own workshop in Nepal in 2013, where wool is super prevalent, first starting off with a collection of 100% wool slippers “mixing ancestral know-how with a modern design” after being inspired by a pair of felt boots from Russia (or “Valenkis”, made to withstand the Siberian cold) given from Galina’s parents to Dan. A sneaker soon followed, and moved production to Portugal for the country’s expertise in shoemaking. Their third product was then a wool boot, under the name Baabuk. Every project was possible due to Kickstarter crowdfunding, and the brand is still moving on full speed ahead! The company is now B-CORP certified for sustainably responsible manufacturing (“B-Corporation met the highest standards of verified overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accounting, and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems”), with all shoes made from 100% wool from well-cared for, happy sheep, and other materials such as genuine top-grain Nubuck and natural latex. These shoes are also very ethically made! Baabuk employs and generously pays those working in their factory in Nepal, generating income and support for local communities. Each shoe is made with exceptional care to quality and detail, with each shoe taking about three days to complete, employing the manufacturers in Nepal and associates in Portugal.

I received the Sky Wooler in Middle Grey, and I am so impressed with the quality and comfort! I got my usual size of 8, which translates to EUR 38 (fits US 7.5-8). They are snug in a cozy way and work with some of my thicker winter socks. I’ve been wearing them many times already this winter and I’m not stopping yet! They feel like slippers, and have fixed elastic instead of actual laces so you can slip them on and go. They are also temperature-regulating, so if you feel like getting cozy when it’s not too cold out, you’re golden. I’m already wishing for another pair!

A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear - Shoe Closeup

A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear - Standing Shot 2

A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear - Closeup Shot 2

A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear - Standing Shot 3

A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear - Sitting Shot

A Winter Staying Cozy with Baabuk Footwear - Sitting Closeup

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