A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - Front View

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day

I’m definitely not a yellow person. Not long ago I hated both yellow and orange, or any sunny sort of color, but at least orange has grown on me…maybe I’ve got a few more years until yellow does, unless this jacket changes my mind sooner! My sister called me over recently because she was donating several bags of clothing to charity and wanted to see if I wanted to steal anything before she took it all out. I grabbed a few items that fit my normal tastes, but this jacket caught my eye. I rarely take fashion risks, but something about it screamed FUN. It’s been a few weeks of mulling over, but I finally decided to just go for it and wore it to work a few days ago over a neutral sweater. I ended up loving the magenta hat with the yellow as well – both are a thick, wool-like fabric so it ended up being a perfect pair! This is why we take fashion risks, after all, right? You never know. Also part of my outfit today is something I’m fairly excited about—yet another addition to my expansive denim collection (le sigh). However, this pretty Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny Selvedge Jeans in Dense Forest pair is my first pair of selvedge denim! I grabbed them for a mere $20 bucks on a recent Beyond The Rack sale too. Selvedge denim is usually quite a bit pricier! Score!!

Basically, selvedge denim is more of a denim snob kind of thing…for those who like an extra touch of quality in a pair of jeans. Selvedge denim basically stands for “self edge,” describing the clean hem on the outside of the jeans that comes from the edge of the fabric used to create the pair. They are often worn cuffed to show it off! Selvedge denim is made from fabric woven on vintage shuttle looms, which were used to weave most fabrics before 1950. These looms create tightly woven strips of only a yard wide, making that clean edge a perfect side for the outside hem of a jean leg so each piece fit perfectly on one strip with minimal waste. Really though, I think they just look awesome and it is kind of neat to own a pair that was created differently…they are so freaking soft! The only pair left was a size 25 and I’m a 26, but I grabbed it and I’m glad I did. Levi’s does tend to stretch out and they’ve formed to my shape perfect. Read more about selvedge denim here at Denimology! I also really wanted to point out that I’m wearing a necklace from La Clé Jewelry, which I wrote about a little while back. This company makes necklaces out of vintage keys and gives you the option of chain color, a colorful paint dip to match your personality (I chose purple here, for creativity) or a stamped word (I chose “dreamer”). I absolutely love it! Over time, the paint will wear off to create your own custom look. Shop La Clé here!

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - Front View 2

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - Open Front View

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - Side View

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - Front Angle View

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - La Cle Necklace

A Yellow Jacket Kind of Day - Selvedge Closeup

I’m also again wearing my TOMS special edition Paul Van Dyk shoes! I recently hurt my back a little and these flats are perfectly comfortable for such a situation (No more heels for a bit…owch).

If you’re into or curious about selvedge denim, shop Levi’s Made In the USA Selvedge collection here for a well-priced variety of shorts, jeans and shirts!

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