American Eagle Outfitters Introduces Flex/Denim for Men

American Eagle Outfitters Introduces Flex/Denim for Men

I’ve been a huge fan of American Eagle Outfitters for a long time…I fell in love with their basic, timeless pieces and good quality for the price back in college and my appreciation for them hasn’t died since. I still shop them from time to time since they always have amazing sales and good deals on their online store, but the brand keeps my attention due to the fact that they have really upped their denim game in the last few years. Whenever anyone asks me for quality denim at a lower price, I always direct them to American Eagle! My denim collection consists of all premium…and then there’s AEO, sitting amongst the rest. They’ve kept up with the higher price brands at an incredible rate, introducing the incredible partnership with Invista Lycra® for Denim X last year, the upgraded line of stretchy and shape-retaining jeans for women. I had a chance to review two of them and I still wear them to this day! Check those reviews out here, and here. Performance denim has also grown in the market lately, with an increased demand from men for denim that moves with you and makes commuting by bicycle, or just being active everyday in general, more comfortable (check out my post about that here).

American Eagle has expanded the women’s line for Denim X, introducing two more varieties: Sateen X and Denim X4. Sateen X incorporates a low twist yarn for extra softness, and Denim X4 is a high performance stretch using a fabric blend of about 70% Cotton, 16% Viscose, 12% Polyester and 2% Elastane (give or take for each model). But what I found more fascinating is their addition of men’s stretch and performance denim! Flex/Denim is split into three parts, like Denim X. There’s Core Flex, which is the closest to your traditional everyday jean but with a tad bit of stretch added for additional comfort and flexibility, and comes in skinny, slim, straight and bootcut styles. Active Flex “utilizes high stretch technology for superior flexibility” and currently consists of mostly skinny jeans, with a few joggers, a straight and a bootcut. Extreme Flex combines Dual FX and T400 yarns for their “highest level of flexibility.” This one comes in some supertight skinny styles and a straight.

One other thing that got me kind of excited here that I also had to mention, is that the new Denim X line includes a dropped hem flare, using the Artist Jean style! As you might remember, I recently wrote about the current raw hem trend, and I absolutely love it. I’m stoked AEO jumped forward with their own take on this look, and it looks gorgeous!

Shop both Denim X and Flex/Denim at American Eagle Outfitters, here! Right now AEO is offering free shipping for any purchase from these two collections through June 22. Also, you can enter to win a sweet discount, products from Apple or $10,000. Enter on the website or through an in-store try-on of these new denim collections!


  1. JayEspenoza March 21, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    Picked up two of the active flex slim jeans, love the stretch, really comfortable! a tad bit expensive at a mall in morocco (tax and shipping costs drive the prices up!) got each for $64,99 but definitely worth the price!

    • Lana March 21, 2016 / 4:45 pm

      Haha cool! Yeah, still for the quality, it’s amazing how darn close to premium AEO jeans are now, at so much lower than a premium price ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you like them!! I wasn’t so sure how well stretchy jeans for men would go haha. It seems everyone is more active nowadays so I figured they’d be awesome for people who cycle to work, or love parkour…lol!

  2. marie macpherson November 19, 2018 / 2:23 am

    I personally am not a fan of flex. I prefer all cotton jeans. my son also prefers just cotton. and now will have to find another company. He has been wearing american eagle jeans forever.

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