American Eagle Outfitters Releases Denim X Café

American Eagle Outfitters Releases Denim X Café

Image: AEO

American Eagle Outfitters Releases Denim X Café

There’s always been a lot of buzz in the denim world about how often you should wash your jeans…hardcore fans who wear nothing but raw denim might say never, along with Levi Strauss & Co. CEO, Chip Bergh who has water conservation and sustainability in mind. The general idea though is that washing less reduces breakdown in high quality denim. I personally have so many pairs from doing reviews that I don’t really need to as I circulate through them, but when the time comes, it’s a cold cycle and hang dry (as grossed out as you might be about not washing them in the first place, the dryer is DEFINITELY not the greatest idea, especially for stretch denim). Several brands have come out with ideas of self-deodorizing jeans (which I wanted to write about sometime here), but American Eagle Outfitters found a ridiculously unique way of doing so, and added these jeans to the already-successful Denim X line. Denim X Café, along with Denim Flex Café for men, are the new collections of jeans infused with recycled coffee grounds that are meant to absorb odors and keep you from needing to wash your jeans so often.

Helen Kang, American Eagle’s senior director of design, told Refinery29 that “The coffee grounds work to absorb odors and are fast-drying, which results in odor control.” In addition, these grounds help protect wearers against UV rays. Kang also told Refinery29, “The coffee grounds have microscopic pores that reflect UV rays, thereby providing UV protection.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is why I love denim. Once you think you’ve seen or heard it all, you realize quickly that you haven’t.

The Denim X Café line consists of six styles so far: two jeggings, two high rise jeggings, the popular Skinny Kick cut and the looser-fitting Tomgirl. Check out all the styles below:

American Eagle Outfitters Releases Denim X Café - Jegging in Demitasse Indigo

Images: AEO

I’m totally digging the Denim X Café Hi Rise Jegging in Doppio Destroy! It’s already adorned with such a pretty fade and distressing in all the right places…I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

Shop the AEO Denim X Café line here.

Don’t forget the men’s! See the Denim Flex Café line here.

Read the Refinery29 article that turned me on to this concept here, which includes a lot of fun information on the lucky celebrities that got to help promote this new line before launch.

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