American Eagle Outfitters Releases More Inclusive Jean Sizes up to 24

I am at that point now where people have caught on that I know a thing or two about jeans, and are always approaching me for advice (which is awesome). I’m often asked where a quality, well fitting jean can be found that isn’t super expensive, and I always direct people to American Eagle Outfitters! I’m actually pretty impressed by how flexible this brand has been within the denim industry, and how willing they’ve been to evolve and grow with market demands over the years. The many pairs I have from them I would say are pretty dang close to premium quality, and I love how they fit curvier shapes. They are one of the major brands that has been doing their best to be more size inclusive. About a year ago, I wrote about their move to more fits up to a size 20, and they’ve just recently expanded to more inclusive jean sizes up to 24!

The best thing here isn’t just the size numbers, but the realization that the term “curvy” isn’t just limited to larger sizes. These new curvy jeans are available to anyone from a size 00 to 24, in a range of their best selling high-waisted jeggings to “mom jeans” and flares. You can choose from a wide assortment of washes and destructed or repair detailing as well. I’m even tempted to try a pair in my usual 2 since I also often deal with that annoying gap in the back of my waist as a weightlifter! I love how the fashion industry has more of an “all systems go” attitude with more inclusive jean sizes and fits, since no two of us are alike, and all of us ladies know how difficult it can be to find jeans that fit our unique shapes just right!

Here is just a small idea of what AEO has to offer in terms of more inclusive jean sizes–there are a lot more where this came from!

Shop the entire Curvy Jeans collection from American Eagle Outfitters here!

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