An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Outfit Centered

It’s been getting a lot colder here (in California terms, at least), and it’s been great being able to switch things up a bit style-wise! We’ve also finally been getting a ton of much needed rain downpours…as you can see, our hills are finally green again (or green-ish, at least, the drought was no joke)! The air is crisp and feels so refreshing after a rain, and it feels so nice to get out and enjoy it. Hopefully this will continue on for awhile, as our lakes start to fill up again!

This year, as the weather grew colder, I decided to shift my focus a bit from jeans and onto jackets and boots. As you can see here I’m wearing my favorite new boots, the Frye Melissa Tab I scored on eBay earlier this winter. I’ve been wearing them an awful lot and they’ve broken in beautifully. My coat here is actually an off-brand that my sister had for awhile, and passed onto me! Don’t worry, that’s faux fur you’re looking at. A lot of my jackets I’ve had in the past were more casual, so it was nice to get something both warm and stylish for those late nights out or dinner parties here and there. My Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip in Port (purchased off Hautelook after searching everywhere for this discontinued color) is a common accomplice of mine to these types of events as well, as it is compact, lightweight and stylish, but still roomy enough for the essentials.

What I’d like to really focus on with this post, however, is an awesome piece of jewelry sent to me from Anjolee! This company makes ethically-sourced diamond jewelry, and they created a CZ replica just for me to represent their amazing collection of diamond and gemstone necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. All pieces ordered from them can be customized to your preference of metal type (white gold, platinum or yellow gold), diamond size, diamond or gemstone quality, and length or size. The ring sent to me represents their 10 Prong Triple Stone Diamond Ring, which is beautifully dainty but eye catching! This is a gorgeous choice for a wedding or engagement ring that has plenty of bling while staying modest and feminine.

Anjolee has its roots in New York City in the 1960s, before moving to Los Angeles in 1977 and Chula Vista, California twenty years later. As mentioned, all Anjolee diamonds are ethically acquired, thanks to the company conforming to the Kimberly act of 2003. This law requires all US diamond retailers to purchase diamonds through manufacturers with the proper documentation confirming that the gemstones were supplied through legitimate channels. Anjolee also is committed to the environment, with an innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing facility. You can read more about their Green Manufacturing Process here!

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Outfit Scenery

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Hand on Face Closeup

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Hand on Face

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Hand

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Hand Chest

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Ring Closeup

An Evening Outdoors with Anjolee - Ring

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