Androgenous Denim by Dapper Boi Crowdsourcing

Androgenous Denim by Dapper Boi Crowdsourcing

Androgenous Denim by Dapper Boi Crowdsourcing

As we know, it’s already quite tough enough to find the jeans that best fit your body. Even though it has gotten better over the years thanks to better fabric technologies, brand research and customer feedback, but what about jeans that fit something more important: you know, like your lifestyle, and who you are? Last year I wrote about this awesome Kickstarter campaign that was a breath of fresh air in the denim industry, bringing up something I hadn’t even seen yet: androgenous denim for both men and women. We already are seeing a lot of crap in the political realm on gender-neutral rights, why should it also span across apparel—something we can fix right now? We already know we can’t always throw everyone into specific categories, especially when it comes to body shape, and that everyone comes in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Dapper Boi came forth to help remedy that.

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In May 2015, Dapper Boi’s Kickstarter started with slim-straight jeans that had the details and the look of men’s jeans, while also featuring great fit and comfort for a woman’s body with the right amount of stretch. The jeans were meant to be a perfect fit for anyone and they even tested them out on some curvy men who ended up loving them too. With a goal of $18,000, the company was able to raise $26,000 to produce the first run of these jeans, which have already sold out with some happy fans buying their second or third pairs after trying their first! Dapper Boi has decided to change their business model to ensure their expansion without the use of outside crowdfunding sources.

Androgenous Denim by Dapper Boi Crowdsourcing - Male Model

Anyone can now purchase a pair of premium jeans for as low as $69 (wholesale!) for 3 weeks only by visiting and clicking on “Limited Wholesale Pricing“. If the minimum amount needed to start production is raised through this limited-time sale, customers will receive their jeans in 6 to 8 weeks. Every jean will be produced in a limited quantity, and once they are delivered to their customers, any additional inventory will be available for purchase at retail price within the “In Stock Now” section of their website. If the funding goal is not met in the three-week period, the jeans will not be manufactured and customers will receive a full refund. It basically puts the control in the customer’s hands! The goal is to run three 3-week sales every month.

Androgenous Denim by Dapper Boi Crowdsourcing - Model

The first collection launched on June 20th and features Slim-Straight, Premium Indigo Stretch Jeans. Darker than their initial OG jeans, this wash is versatile enough for any occasion and is made of lighter weight, 9.7oz denim with even more stretch at a 98% cotton and 2% spandex fabric makeup. This makes it a flexible, comfortable fit for just about any size and shape. This campaign will run through 11:59pm July 11, and once the jeans are back in stock they will return to their retail price of $138.

“We’re in the business of making people feel comfortable in their own skin and it’s only a matter of time before a mainstream department store takes on a gender-neutral department with its own fitting room. Until then, we want to be the pioneers to take us there.” -Founder and CEO Vicky Pasche

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But that’s not all. What would a great company like this be without a charitable cause? Dapper Boi aims to positively impact their LGBT and gender-neutral customers by donating $4.99 to the Orlando Pulse Shooting Fund, hosted by Equality Florida Action, Inc., with every pair of jeans sold from their latest campaign (assuming their funding goal is met). All of these funds will go to directly to the families of the 49 victims and the survivors from this tragedy. I am giving them a huge group hug through my screen right now.

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Shop the limited collection from Dapper Boi and read more about this awesome company here!

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