Art Masters Bridal Jewelry

Art Masters

Classic Contemporary 950 Platinum .40 Princess Cut Invisible CZ Diamond Solitaire Azteca Ring by Art Masters

I don’t think there’s a whole lot to say about these Art Masters bridal jewelry pieces…the photos do all the talking!! How incredible are these? I don’t think the designer could have chosen a better name…he truly is a master of art. All of these pieces are Italian, Victorian, Aztec, French, Art Deco, Vintage (you name it) inspired, as the company states here. I am already married (we got our rings through Diamond Nexus, who deserve a post of their own, really) but I cannot decide whether or not I’d like to sport something so whimsical and elaborate 100% of the time. Maybe I need to get rich and get one in as many colors as possible to wear with different outfits and moods! Just amazing. I’d have to say the one above is my favorite…as it could go with anything, although it’s hard to settle on just one. I’d just be afraid of some of the colored ones, however, as they are colored rhodium plated over 14k white gold and need to be re-plated every six months to a year. Talk about high maintenance…the seller does offer two free platings per customer. But for a pretty piece for special occasions only, and if you’ve got the money, why not??

Art Masters

Other Art Masters rings

These rings are all handmade in Los Angeles and made to order in only 8 to 10 business days after completed payment. They are all designer priced (looks like anywhere from $450 for a band to almost $4,000 for the most elaborate ones), but I am just still so stuck on how awesome they all look TOGETHER. I guess that’s all for the better, as these will all have to remain as eye candy…for the time being, at least. I’ve never seen such creative bridal jewelry in my life.

Art Masters Rings

And even more Art Masters rings…I cannot narrow these down very well…

Visit the Art Masters Etsy shop here and feast your eyes on more of these visually-appealing pieces.

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