Stylish Activewear with a Sustainable Purpose from adidas by Stella McCartney

When I want to take a break from denim I usually opt for activewear or leggings, of course in my favorite color, black. I adore a brand that can make edgy pieces with stylish detailing without relying on prints too much. Boldness without being too eye-catching, dark with a twist or edge without flair. I’m not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense to most readers, but that’s how my mind’s flowing at the moment while I’m trying to describe my preferred style. It also goes without saying here, if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, that if a brand can encapsulate all this while being sustainable gives them major points in my book. I prefer to spend a little more for those doing their best to clean up our environment a bit and have a purpose other than simply helping us look good. I’m a fairly big fan of adidas, and I’ve known about their collaboration with Stella McCartney for awhile, but somehow I only now recently learned they’ve got something much more going on within their already-awesome stylish activewear collections.

The adidas by Stella McCartney collection at Revolve is right up my style alley. Actually, it looks like I already posted about this brand all the way back in 2014. There’s only so much you can do with black items, right? Nope. Not at all. These pieces each speak a different personality on their own, and stand out with their own unique aesthetic. I love having a nice little stash of stylish activewear when I want to break away from my denim obsession for a bit, but kinda gives a boost to my gym motivation as well. To top it off though, adidas and Stella McCarthy were on a mission with this collaboration to reduce fabric waste by incorporating recycled materials like cotton and polyester, sourced from Evrnu and Bolt Threads. The brand’s three goals to minimize waste is focused into three focuses: made with repurposed plastics (reducing the dependency on plastics and CO2 emissions associated with the production of plastics), made to be remade (creating a closed, circular loop to keep garments out of landfills by repurposing raw materials), and made to biodegrade. I’m just going to focus on that last part for a second…As stated directly from the adidas blog, “Using materials developed from naturally concurring resources or made from cells and proteins in a lab, adidas has demonstrated the possibility of creating products using materials that are made with nature.” Pretty awesome!

There is already so any stylish activewear brands on the market that have been competing for years against the denim industry (usually in the form of “athleisure”) and I’m all for it. But as a fan of adidas already, adidas by Stella McCarthy is easily in my top favorites. Below are my favorite items from the current collection at Revolve. It’s obvious I’m not the only one drooling over this collaboration, as so many of these items were selling or already are sold out! I did my best to provide alternative links for more available sizes if anything sold out in your size catches your eye.

“In Fall/Winter 2019, adidas makes strides in the continued drive to solve the problem of product waste with the introduction of two new apparel innovations within adidas by Stella McCartney. With the world producing an estimated 101 million tons of textile waste every year, adidas by Stella McCartney collaborates with Evrnu and Bolt Threads to help turn this problem into a more sustainable design solution. The inspiration behind the products is simple: create products that perform not only for the athlete, but also for the world at large.”

“Repurposed Plastic targets one of the biggest challenges the brand faces today—reducing the dependency on virgin plastic and CO2 emissions associated with production. The first solution to this problem was seen in 2015 with the launch of the first adidas x Parley prototype shoe, created from upcycled marine plastic waste and illegal deep-sea gillnets. In the four years since, adidas has built a large-scale supply chain and will make 11 million pairs of shoes using Parley Ocean Plastic by the end of 2019, with the goal to use only recycled polyester in products by 2024.”

“Made to be Remade is the next step, creating a completely circular loop where products won’t end up on beaches or in landfills in the first place. Through closed systems, raw materials can be broken down and remade into high-performance sportswear.”

“This (Made to Biodegrade) concept is the future-gazing ambition to create a bionic loop where products can completely biodegrade and return to the natural ecosystem. Using materials developed from naturally concurring resources or made from cells and proteins in a lab, adidas has demonstrated the possibility of creating products using materials that are made with nature. This is a step in the brand’s journey to explore innovative solutions that can eventually return to nature.”

“(The) Tennis Dress is a prototype concept incubated in partnership with Bolt Threads, a company that specializes in bioengineered, sustainable materials and fibers. The tennis dress is the first of its kind, made with cellulose-blended yarn and Microsilk™. This is a protein-based material made with renewable ingredients such as water, sugar, and yeast—which is a step on our journey towards fully biodegradeable products.”

“The Infinite Hoodie was created with advanced textile innovations company Evrnu and moves towards a future where products can be completely recycled and repurposed. The Infinite Hoodie made from 60% NuCyclTM by Evrnu and 40% organic cotton that has been diverted from landfills. That makes the product 100% recyclable—it can be remade again and again into a high-performance product.”

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Edgy Street Style Looks from One Teaspoon

Sometimes it’s tough being a blogger and looking for new things to write about if you don’t totally align with “trends” or whatever is thrown at you in the industry as the “new hot look” or silly, petty projections and focuses such as “are skinny jeans dead?” I mean, who cares? And, really? I find it fascinating that these so-called “guidelines” exist in a world that has always pushed the idea that fashion is all about breaking the rules. No, skinny jeans aren’t dead (I don’t care either way), and trends do nothing but help people feel like they “fit in” in such an overstimulating world. I have always gravitated to those who wear what they want, who aren’t afraid to flaunt their own style, and who love experimenting with different looks, and I also admire brands who encourage us to do the same. Edgy street style is always an “oooh” factor for me as well.

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Organic Cotton Premium Harem Pants to Travel, Lounge or Move in by Buddha Pants®

Organic Cotton Premium Harem Pants to Travel, Lounge or Move in by Buddha Pants®

You would think, being immersed in the festival community, I would have gotten my hands on a pair of harem pants by now. I believe it was something in the back of my mind for awhile, but I never saw a pair that really caught my eye, or that fit my personal style. As a budding yogi, I usually prefer leggings, but there’s something to be said for a loose fitting, lightweight pant that really moves with you and keeps you cool and breezy in warm weather. Low-cut styles are always a fun addition to my closet as well, and that drop-crotch look is something I’ve experimented with a few times with joggers from various brands. I definitely opt for that style when I feel in the mood for a more laid-back, cool aesthetic. Lots of the harem pants on the market looked so flimsy and too trendy to me, so I never paid this style much attention. However, the perfect opportunity just fell into my lap and I’m excited to share with you a quality brand that I’ll be referring people to for years to come.

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Cozy Joggers for Moving or Lounging in Style from Athleta

When I’m not obsessing over jeans, it’s always because I’m spending a little more time on my alter-obsession with activewear. My attention span kind of wobbles between the two, mostly because there have been so many athleisure brands over the last several years that fit my darker (and maybe slightly gothy, post-apocalyptic or dark-futuristic at times) streetwear tastes. Since I definitely have living an active lifestyle sitting solidly at the top of my daily priorities, this comes fairly naturally for me. I love the comfort of gym clothes, but I don’t wear my gym clothes for anything other than sweating in. My more everyday stylish activewear is only used for running around town or, just being myself. Athleisure was a new term coined a few years ago as gym clothes emerged to the streetwear scene, is also a term that spans into the loungewear realm, and I know a lot of us are doing quite a bit more of that lately. Whenever you prefer to opt for instead of reaching for your jeans when you’re looking for an even cozier aesthetic, it’s nice to find pieces that also fit your style or maybe even provide some kind of function if you want to get fancy. Cozy joggers are always something I love to grab, especially in these colder months, and I definitely have a few favorite pairs already. I’m always keeping my eyes out though, as this look is always catching my attention.

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New Wardrobe Game Changers from BLANKNYC

I usually prefer to write about specific focuses, namely sustainable style for example, but in the meantime, there are so many favorite brands out there I’m always keeping my eyes on. Not all of them are sustainable, but I will always admire creativity in all its forms. So for today, I figured I’d make a general post highlighting one of these awesome names. Closet staples, like a little black dress or classic pair of blue skinny jeans, will always be highlights, but how boring would it be if that’s all we focused on? One of my favorite things to do is throw on one statement piece along with the every day essentials to spark up my look, but there are some days when I just feel totally spunky and decide to go all out. I adore those items that completely break the mold and stand out from the rest! Either way, you deserve those fun, occasional new wardrobe pieces that either define your unique character or keep you party-ready. BLANKNYC is one of those brands that always fits that mold for me, and I’m loving their new arrivals at the moment (as always)!

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Sustainable Loungewear for Working from Home by Alternative Eco

Here we are in 2021, and we are still sheltering at home. For the most part, at least…depending on where you live. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t worn jeans much in quite some time now because of all this. I do try to wear them on occasion to jump start my brain to productive mode, but those comfy clothes definitely call my name eventually during the day. Either way, trying to stay somewhat stylish is a bit more effective when trying to stay focused and get stuff done than staying in my pajamas is. So, why not find a middle ground? There are so many fun options for fashionable loungewear out there that are sure to help pick up your mood and get you up and running (in a figurative sense). And of course, there is a lot of great sustainable loungewear out there to fit that mold.

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Black Denim Jeans – 24 Unique Pairs to Shake Up Your Look

Black Denim Jeans - 24 Unique Pairs to Shake Up Your Look

Image: Shopbop

For most people, jeans are nothing more than a closet staple. It makes sense why they are seen in a classic sense; everyone wants pieces that will fit with everything. Essentials are definitely important, but why not shake it up from time to time? One of the reasons why I love the denim industry so much is because there are so many creative takes to your basic denim jean. Being someone who prefers to wear black most of the time, black denim is a huge part of my wardrobe. I feel I can never have too many pairs of black jeans. To most, that may sound strange…black denim is black denim, right? Well I’m here to throw that outdated idea out the window.

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Eco Friendly Swimwear from Tropic of C by Candace Swanepoel

Eco Friendly Swimwear from Tropic of C by Candace Swanepoel


It’s winter, and most of us are not thinking of our next swimwear purchase, I’m sure…but it’s summer somewhere, right? I guess vacations aren’t really a think either due to sheltering in place, but perhaps stocking up on something cute for the next time summer rolls around is a way to stay positive and look forward to happier days in these tough times. A good swimsuit isn’t always too cheap, but I feel if I’m going to spend the dollars on something of quality, I might as well shop for eco friendly swimwear. At least it helps diminish a little more guilt when you know you’re doing your part to reduce your footprint, right? I’ve written a bit about eco friendly swimwear brands, especially those using recycled plastic for their pieces. When I first started this blog, eco friendly brands and products were few and far between, but I’m excited that lately I’ve been discovering so many to feature here, and this next one is pretty cool as well.

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Eco Friendly Activewear from ReActive by Threads 4 Thought

I can write about denim all day (as I have for about 7 years), but lets take a little break into something else. As an avid gym-goer and someone who integrates fitness into my everyday life, I’m also just a bit obsessed with activewear. I have some pieces for sweating in, and some to wear as “athleisure” when I’m feeling like actually taking a break from denim in my everyday life, mostly in regards to leggings. There are so many fun brands out there with some pretty dope leggings, and sometimes denim even takes a bit of a backseat when I start discovering a lot that tickle my tastes. Of course, I like looking at sustainability, or whether or not the brands I purchase from are independent. Threads 4 Thought is an awesome sustainable brand that’s been around for quite a few years now, and I’m definitely a fan of their eco friendly activewear, basics and loungewear collections.

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Seamless Denim for Working or Lounging from AG Jeans

I’m not sure who’s really wearing jeans much these days as we shelter in place, but if you are as denim obsessed as I am, you might be missing them a little by now! Like most, I’ve been opting for leggings more, but I really am missing all the jeans I’ve collected over the years from blogging and from my own interest alone. Jeggings or denim-like leggings with comfortable, superior stretch are definitely not new in the grand scheme of things and we’re pretty much all familiar with them, but it’s just so nice to throw on a pair of smooth, sleek leggings with no annoying seams or waistbands to dig into our sides as we chill at home. Seamless denim, wouldn’t that be nice? It hasn’t really proliferated the market much, although brands like Siwy have introduced them a few times here and there. However, AG Jeans, which is another one of my all time favorite denim brands, now has a collection of their own, and I’m willing to bet they are more comfortable than most others out there.

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