AYR Ciggy in Dove Wings on Denimology

AYR Ciggy in Dove Wings

Next review is up – The AYR Ciggy in Dove Wings on Denimology!

This is my second installment of my AYR reviews! My last review featured the AYR Skinny in Little Fishes, and here is the AYR Ciggy in Dove Wings review! As mentioned in the previous review, AYR is an amazing new denim brand that answered the shopper’s frustrated call about the “saggy butt syndrome” after a few wears and jeans that are too specific in the types of bodies that they fit correctly. The brand also provides a better online shopping experience by offering free shipping and returns to make it more convenient to find just the right size for you.

Also as mentioned in my review for the AYR Skinny in Little Fishes, the brand is an offshoot of the popular menswear line Bonobos, also centered around building a great fit but mostly focused on khakis instead of denim. CEO Andy Dunn joined forces with Maggie Winter (formerly the senior merchant of J. Crew’s retail division) and designer Jacqueline Cameron (of Calvin Klein/Madewell), who simply decided to start their own brand after their own frustrations of trying to find the “perfect jean”. AYR jeans aren’t only meant to keep you tucked in just right, but also promise great shape retention and softness with the best premium denim fabrics from around the globe. AYR jeans are also made and crafted in Los Angeles! The line is currently made up of three fits: the Skinny (fitted from hip to ankle, long and lean, standard 30” inseam with two other inseams to choose from), Ciggy (cropped straight leg, mid rise, standard 27” inseam with two other inseams to choose from), and Skinny Flare (“skyscraper legs”, fitted down through calves and breaks into a baby flare). I discovered AYR through a PureWow newsletter, and promptly emailed the brand to see if they’d be interested in doing a review with Denimology. I initially went with the jeans featured in this review, the Ciggy in Dove Wings, which is a beautiful, vibrant turquoise-ish blue wash with amazing fading, or “a unique indigo base shade…a rich, oxidized hue that can’t be replicated,” as AYR puts it. I’m not usually one for cropped styles, as they often make me look stumpy, but that color caught my eye and I thought I’d try something different! I requested my usual size of 26, and AYR actually sent me two styles – I not only received the Ciggy, but also the Skinny in Little Fishes which was featured in my last review. What I found amazing I got the Skinny in a size 26 and the Ciggy was sent in a 27, but they both fit pretty much the same! I wonder if, like many brands, the sizing runs differently from style to style, but AYR was aware and made sure to get me the right ones?

AYR Ciggy in Dove Wings

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