Bag Accessory Fun from Shopbop

Bag Accessory Fun from Shopbop

Image: Shopbop

Bag Accessory Fun from Shopbop

It’s always kind of fun for me to go to the Shopbop homepage and see what new collections have popped up…I was browsing around for a Friday blog subject, and ran across a promotion for bag accessories which immediately took me back to my school years. I know I’m definitely not the only one who’s ever adorned my backpack with a myriad of keychains, patches, pins, and…virtual pets, right? I remember also a magazine drive in middle school where one of the rewards for reaching different selling tiers was a fluffy character called a Weeple (if my memory serves me right) — a fluffy pom pom with googly eyes and feet, on a piece of elastic for throwing on our backpacks. These pom pom charms from Sophie Hulme below brought that memory right back up. I think nowadays I’m more into simplicity…if you had seen me just a few years ago I was obsessed with customizing everything I used on a regular basis (my car, my backpack, etc), but now I like simplicity, and personally I got quite sick and tired of things falling off my backpack, never to be seen again. But I’d assume, since some of these are of fairly high quality, so that wouldn’t be an issue. Either way, I really like the playfulness of some of these, and sometimes I do like to add a little sparkly to something here and there! So I went through Shopbop’s bag accessory collection and grabbed a few of my favorite pom poms, pouches and charms that I saw and brought them here to share with you. This isn’t really like one of my usual posts, but it just seemed like something that might be a fun thing to post for a Friday.

Shop the entire Shopbop bag accessory collection here!


    • Lana August 2, 2015 / 8:38 pm

      Thanks Lorna! Yeah the MCM ones are super cool! There is a series of them on Shopbop actually 🙂 Totally fun stuff.

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