The So Black Denim Collection at Black Orchid

Of all the different shades of denim, your traditional blue wash seems to symbolize toughness…typically those who wear them don’t fear having to throw them in the wash, or accidentally spilling something on them while out on the town. At least, not quite as much as their rich black or white counterparts. With white denim it’s obvious. They are easy to get dirty and sometimes yellow over several washes (although, several brands have created stain-repellant white denim such as Old Navy, Joe’s and others). With black denim, the rich over-saturated black shade will often fade over several wash cycles and end up more of a dark grey. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog recently you know I do absolutely love the faded black look! However, if you shell out a good amount of cash for a pair of black denim, it makes sense for you to expect it to stay that way.

I wrote a few years ago about some brands who came out in an effort create fadeless black denim. The latest now is Black Orchid! This is one of my favorites in terms of fit and feel, as well as vibrancy of their washes. And now they’ve released their So Black collection which is made of a luxuriously soft fabric with a fade resistant technology. So far there are four models, but hopefully they will expand (and restock, as these are going FAST) in the future! I’m a fan of cargo skinny jeans, even though they don’t always seem to stick around for long…so I’m glad they included a Super Skinny Cargo! I also dig the Candace Button Front Skinny. Check them out them below.

Shop the So Black collection by Black Orchid here!

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