BLANKNYC Bumps Up Their Embroidered Jacket Game

BLANKNYC has been kicking butt in their usual edgy creativity lately! When they first came out years and years ago, they aimed at providing a means to acquire an alternative to the usual premium denim at prices under $100, with their Skinny Classique being the instant favorite piece. Since then, they’ve succeeded in so many other ways, including bringing vegan leather to the forefront of the market. Some of these items have been incredibly competitive, such as the super successful Embroidered Jacket in As You Wish seen on bloggers (including me, below) everywhere. Most stores have had trouble keeping it on the racks! There’s even an exclusive Bloomingdales version with black studs. It first came out late last year and is still being restocked over and over again through all the major retailers. Since then, BLANKNYC has come out with several more beautiful embroidered jackets, which fits in well with the current booming embroidery trend!

I was especially excited to see a white version of the As You Wish jacket come out, the Embroidered Moto Jacket in Midsummer Dream seen below), as well as the Embroidered Bomber Jacket in Own The Night. Then of course came the embroidered denim and bomber jackets, staying true to the strong style trends! I really don’t give much of a shit about trends, but if I see some great, creative interpretations of current ones, I’ll definitely bite! These all take the cake and for such a low price point, it’s consistently been impressive with what BLANKNYC comes up with.

The one heading this post is the Embroidered Faux Leather Jacket in Secret Keeper, which can also be found at Nordstrom or directly from BLANKNYC.

BLANKNYC Bumps Up Their Embroidered Jacket Game - As You Wish

Me in the super-successful BLANKNYC Embroidered Moto Jacket in As You Wish from last year. Shop here.

The Embroidered Moto Jacket in Midsummer Dream

This one is almost sold out everywhere as well! However, seeing as how it went with the black version, I’m sure it will continue to be restocked. You can also shop this item at ASOS, Bloomingdales or directly from BLANKNYC.

The Embroidered Bomber Jacket in Own The Night

Also found at Zappos or directly from BLANKNYC.

The Embroidered Jacket in Pink Lady

Also available directly from BLANKNYC.

The Sitting Pretty Denim Moto Jacket

Grab it at Zappos, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or directly from BLANKNYC as well!

The Embroidered Denim Jacket in Wild Child

You can also find an exclusive version at Bloomingdales here! It’s also available directly from BLANKNYC here.

Which is your favorite?

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