Bohemian Vintage Inspired Apparel by Doên

Bohemian Vintage Inspired Apparel by Doên

Sometimes I feel the bohemian trend is a little overblown by now, especially when Springtime and festival season rolls around. I usually tend to skip the shops that specialize in this look (because so many of them look the same to me) and opt for independent brands and Etsy shops that make clothing for Burning Man-style festivals (or everyday) instead, for pieces that are truly unique and made with love. ZhenNymph is one I wrote about a year ago, and another just popped up for me, from a Refinery29 article that calls them an adult version Free People. Doên indeed looks just like that, but better! These timeless pieces are definitely more of a modern, everyday and mature take on the bohemian trend, but that’s not all that makes this brand so special.

Doên was founded in 2015 by Santa Barbara, California-born sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland. The two had been in the fashion industry for quite some time, and started their company after seeing a void of women leaders and brand owners. Doên now supports women in the workplace on all facets of the brand and community. Now based in Los Angeles, they use domestic production as often as possible, and carefully select overseas manufacturers in India and Peru for their beautifully detailed hand-woven, hand-embroidered and knit pieces. The brand’s mission is to decrease the gender gap throughout the supply chain, and every overseas factory they employ has a woman owner or co-owner!

The commitment to bettering the world doesn’t end with empowering women. Doên also contributes to Room To Read, a non-profit dedicated to improving literacy and girls’ education through communities and local governments across Africa and Asia. Doên designs a unique children’s style every season and donates 100% of these profits to the organization. Doên also offers shoppers to donate to the cause with every purchase through checkout. I love this brand even before I’ve bought anything from them. Can you tell?

Here are some of my favorite items available from Doên!

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