A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand

I’m still loving these longer summer days, but as we get nearer to Fall, I’m definitely noticing we’re having to rush out of work more often to catch a quick shoot before the sun goes down! It’s definitely tougher to keep up with the blog and Denimology reviews in the winter time because of this. Photos always look better in the early evenings due to less brightness and shadows, so it’s not like weekends can all be used for catch up. Either way, we bloggers do what we gotta do!

This was another quick shot after work for a Denimology review, featuring two awesome pieces STRÖM Brand: The Bysso Tank in Black and the super comfy and effortlessly flattering Fyra Cigarette in Eda. This jean is like a skinny, but has a lot of more relaxed features that a straight jean has, for those who are always out looking for a happy medium! The tank is really stretchy and comfortable, and I love the length. It’s basically a ribbed tank, but better! I like the casual and classic feel of both pieces. With outfits like this, it’s fun to go crazy with the accessories like I did with my necklaces from Express (old piece), Coco Loco Jewelry and my Third Eye Pinecones necklace (again, I love it)!

I’m also wearing a new bag I’ve been wanting for awhile, the Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Natasha in Faded Aluminum. I know a lot of people preferred the older Natashas due to them being a bit more slouchy and several people liked the character the pleats gave them, but this one is a bit smaller (I had been looking for a smaller mid-sized bag) and I just loved the color! So it ended up working out great for me after I’ve had my eyes on the Natasha for awhile. I often become disenchanted from certain items when I start to see everyone carrying or wearing them, and this would be one of those items…but I just loved the classiness and all the great reviews kept me wanting one of my own. And yes, this was another eBay score! It’s become my favorite place to shop.

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand - Side Shot Bag

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand - Back Shot

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand - Front Wide Stance

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand - Front Crossed Legs

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand - Front Holding Shirt

A Casual Evening in STRÖM Brand - Side Shot 2

See the review of both items from STRÖM Brand on Denimology here!

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