Eco Friendly Women’s Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Eco Friendly Women's Hemp Hipsters from WAMA Underwear

Image: WAMA Underwear. Women’s Hemp Hipsters

I’ve reviewed a lot of different things over the years…jeans, tank tops, a candle…but never undergarments (actually I just realized I haven’t even reviewed shorts yet). But I’m all for covering anything that’s cool in some unique way, especially if it is environmentally conscious. That last link for the candle was from a company (Hemp Blue) that also creates hemp jeans (surprise surprise), and I’ve written about a lot of companies that use hemp in their manufacturing. I was recently contacted by another one, WAMA Underwear.

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Spring Designs from Nomad’s Hemp Wear

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Aranea Tank and Exodus Leggings

Aranea Tank and Exodus Leggings

Spring Designs from Nomad’s Hemp Wear

With my biggest passion driving my blog (besides denim of course) being sustainable apparel, I am always keeping my eyes out for independent designers I didn’t know about or already well-established brands doing their best to make the style world a little more ethical. I’m fascinated by all the designers that target music festival goers (see my post about my favorite ones here), but I usually get more excited about the ones that bridge the gap between party and everyday life, like ZhenNymph, and my top favorite, Nomad’s Hemp Wear. Everything they make is perfectly balanced for everyday life and personal expression, and every season I get so stoked to see what’s up next. I have several pieces from Nomad’s Hemp Wear already, including some leggings, undergarments, shorts, and two tops…one of which I wore for my Joe’s Jeans Eco Friendly Cigarette review (only fitting, right?) in January. The brand has released their much-anticipated Spring 2016 collection, which both introduces more drool-worthy styles as well as updates to popular and well-loved looks.

Nomad’s Hemp Wear was born in 2000 out of the back of a small VW van, in a true nomadic lifestyle. Through this, they grew to appreciate living sustainably, with the support of close friends and in harmony with nature. Hemp was kind of a new concept at the time, lacking global awareness, but was beginning to gain ground in the apparel industry although most pieces made out of hemp were thick, lifeless and a bit boring. The young Nomad’s Hemp Wear was inspired to take it to new levels, creating comfortable, quality, well fitting pieces to fit a tribal/urban aesthetic. Although they’ve grown in popularity around the world, they still retain a grassroots feel, keeping a valuable one-on-one presence through their customer service (which I will vouch for…they respond to emails in minutes, if not seconds!). Currently located in Canada, Nomad’s now employs not only hemp but also other sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, soy and the ultra soft and stretchy bamboo—for women, men and kids!

Every piece I own from this brand is of unquestionable quality, and these sustainable fabrics are so soft to the touch. I can tell they will last me for years and years to come; not only in durability, but also in style..they are all classic enough to be worn anytime, anywhere and with anything, but with just the right amount of uniqueness and character to take your outfit to the next level. Fan for life here, indeed! I think I see a pattern here with this urban nomad apparel thing…Remember my post about VALO last month? I just love brands like this!

Here are my favorites from the new Spring 2016 line, with more below in a slideshow.

“Nomads: Tribes of people who live in harmony with the seasons. The oldest method of human existence. People who travel to follow the generous gifts of the earth, rather than tailoring the earth to their needs.”

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Thrive Tunic

Thrive Tunic

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Samsara Tunic and Spectrum Leggings

Samsara Tunic and Spectrum Leggings

“Now in our tenth year, we offer two highly sought after collections of stylish and funky clothes per year in the most comfortable and tough natural fibers available to mankind. Green fibers are the way of the future. Using the natural products provided by Gaia there is no need for the earth to suffer for fashion. We are dedicated to the idea of not only sustainable clothing, but also a way of life, and will keep pushing the quality of our clothing and fabrics forward with innovative and modern designs that perfectly reflect our place and time on this wonderful planet.”

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Aphrodite Dress

Aphrodite Dress

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Mantra Tank and Exodus Leggings

Mantra Tank and Exodus Leggings

“Along with a devotion for eco-textiles and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, we also take pride in employing fair labor in the construction of all our garments. While we do manufacture in China, we spent the time and energy to source out the most environmentally friendly, fair-trade factory we could find, so that we were sure we were passing guilt-free, planet-friendly savings on to you.”

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Men's Militia Shirt

Men’s Militia Shirt

Spring Designs from Nomad's Hemp Wear - Kid's Bonita Dress

Kid’s Bonita Dress

Shop Nomad’s Hemp Wear here!

The Valentine’s Day Guide by Revolve

The Valentine's Day Guide by Revolve

Image: Revolve

The Valentine’s Day Guide by Revolve

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like lingerie? Even if one doesn’t enjoy wearing it (well we all kind of do, in a sense), it definitely is beautiful in an artistic way. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (already?!), it’s only natural for all of the lingerie stores to amp up their advertising…and Revolve has gathered up their very best and created a new guide featuring of all sorts of lovely items for you and for that special dude in your life. From intimates to dresses to jewelry to simply pieces to wear on a night in if this lover’s holiday isn’t quite your thing, they have you covered with a huge variety of pretty little things. The photography on its own is beautiful, I thought, and most of these items definitely aren’t just for the Valentine’s Day obsessed! Red, pink and white aren’t necessarily the dominant shades here…there’s plenty of little black numbers in there for people like me who aren’t totally on the girly side, as well some deep reds, purples, oranges and more. This collection features shoes to finish off your look too, of course! There’s plenty of lace, satin and other soft and sensual textures here to get your heart racing! Shop some of the featured images below, and shop the guide here!

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Courtney Love x Nasty Gal

Courtney Love x Nasty Gal

Image: Nasty Gal

I haven’t been a big shopper of Nasty Gal…I honestly have been admiring it from afar, not quite sure if it fits into my lifestyle or wardrobe. However, I’m always liking what I see, and I admire the edgy confidence of founder Sophia Amoruso. I’ve been meaning to read her book GirlBoss for long enough! The latest collection to make waves at Nasty Gal is a collaboration with Courtney Love, which brings me back to my first days of discovering my love for rock n’ roll. Celebrity Skin was her latest single, and I was just a bit obsessed with it. She’s definitely not a stranger to controversy, but for so long back in the day I totally dug her rockstar diva fashion sense, and this collection, Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal, is right on. These pieces are adorable! Lingerie is one of those categories that designers can get ultra creative with, and I’m usually a Victoria’s Secret fan in that regard…but I love seeing what other brands come up with! These pieces are so feminine, with a perfect combination of sultry and girly, from satin babydoll dresses to tutus to lace bustiers and more. See below for my favorite items from the collection!

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