Changing The World with Angela Roi Handbags

Changing The World with Angela Roi Handbags

Image: Angela Roi

Changing The World with Angela Roi Handbags

I am just so stoked to see how many fashion brands have emerged over the last few years with a sole mission to give back…I’m not sure if I’m only noticing them because I’m actively keeping my eyes out for such subjects to blog about, but I’ve also had a passion for a long time about the idea and I certainly do not remember seeing so many before! When I first started my blog, I obviously aimed for a base subject of denim, and wasn’t sure really how I’d focus my other interests, and it’s been fun to see everything fall into place with seeing so many ethical brands popping out of the woodwork and fueling my desire to help get the word out. Angela Roi is the most recent one I’ve discovered, which was during the never-ending hunt for the next perfect, no-frills, quality, classic handbag (no matter how many you might or might not already own). Angela Roi was created by two brilliant minds, Angela and Roi. Both met while at a cocktail party in Boston when they were college students, and quickly discovered their common ground with fashion and philanthropic dreams. Angela was born in South Korea and raised in Canada, and left her Political Science college path in 2012 to pursue her passion of creating affordable, quality handbags. She is the main founder of Angela Roi, and came up with the “Donate by Color” concept. Roi, the co-founder, was born and raised in South Korea and studied entrepreneurship at Boston University. He is inspired by his father’s mantra of “The most important thing in life is health.”

Angela Roi bags come in a variety of brilliant colors, each color standing for a certain charity and cause. The brand states, “We believe that businesses can use their resources to positively impact the greater community. So, we’ve decided to donate a portion of each handbag sale to certain non-profit organizations that support prevalent health issues. We’ve specifically linked different causes to our various handbag colors, because we feel that color adds life and beauty to the world around us. For example, colon cancer awareness is traditionally linked with the color blue — when customers purchase a blue handbag, we’ll donate five percent to the Colon Cancer Alliance.” All bags are also vegan, made with super durable fabric and PVC, and topped with 14k gold hardware. Each bag ranges between $60 and $150, and shipping and returns are free! How could you possibly go wrong here?

I posted about the limited edition pink Sunday Tote II Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is now sold out! That was fast!) a few days ago (see here), so check out some of my other favorites below!

Changing The World with Angela Roi Handbags - Causes

“Fashion turns the need for clothing into art, allowing for individual expression. Handbags are the ultimate symbol of this pragmatic beauty. A good handbag is more than a carrier of items – it’s a confident, self-expressive statement to the world. However, such handbags are often unreasonably priced. At Angela Roi, we believe looking good shouldn’t only be for the rich and famous. We strive to revolutionize the industry by creating boutique-quality bags at a competitive price.”

“The Angela Roi brand is taking small steps to a more giving, caring fashion world. Angela Roi’s first step was our Donate by Color mission, where we donate to help support cancer and disease fighters through the association of color. In the process of building the brand, Angela Roi wanted to take more steps, striving to encourage vegan fashion, by providing animal-free leather products. Take our word for it, we are not activists – just a brand that wants to “Do Good.”

“We meticulously design minimalist styles of tote, shoulder, cross-body bags and backpacks in a variety of colors. The Angela Roi aesthetic is classic with a modern touch and every bag is made with vegan leather and durable fabric.”

“We communicate and work closely with a factory in Korea and maintain a transparent supply chain. Our goal is to create sustainable employment opportunities in fair-practice settings. (The Palette Cross-body handbags are currently made in Vietnam) “

“Our company was founded on strong moral principles. We value customer satisfaction, not profit margins. We believe that we can use our resources to positively impact the greater community. We believe fashion can be used to both an artistic and charitable effect. At Angela Roi, we’re all about philanthropy, not consumerism. We hope you will join us in our ‘Donate by Color’ movement to raise awareness and support for our causes.”

“Instead of animal leather, our handbags are made of high quality synthetic leather. There’s no need to kill animals to produce luxury handbags. Technological improvements allow us to create vegan material that look and feel like real leather.”

Shop Angela Roi handbags and read more about this incredible company here!

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