Chic and Casual Jumpsuits for Night or Day

When the weather warms up and the wine starts flowing, I love my maxi dresses. There’s something about that lightweight, breezy, flowy feel against your legs as the sun bears down on your shoulders that gets me dreaming of summer all year long. As someone who usually prefers wearing pants over skirts (because without a thigh gap, there’s always going to be some sort of chafing going on by the end of the day which is exacerbated by the stickiness of sweat), I’m surprised I never really considered the maxi dress alternative: the jumpsuit. Rompers, its shorter-leg cousins, are usually pretty prevalent in the California town where I live, which makes sense because we’re pretty warm thoughout most of the year, but I never could see myself in one. It’s not like I don’t wear shorty shorts or mini skirts when it’s hot enough either…I think it has to something with the fact that I have a fairly short torso as it is, and I fear rompers will only make me feel or look blocky. Jumpsuits, on the other hand, keep that elongated, svelte look (as long as the fit is right), and seem like something I would have work at some point by now. I guess I just hadn’t seen one I liked.

REVOLVE always has such a great selection of quality, great fitting items, and on a recent mailer I discovered some beautiful jumpsuits which I feel I could see myself in! I’ve eyed others from both Revolve and Shopbop but I’m not sure why they haven’t really caught my eye as much as they have this time. Perhaps the selection is more broad; there’s a wide range of casual, comfy looking ones, pieces you’d wear at a resort or beach (or a wine tasting trip), as well as some that I’d only see myself wearing to a club or swanky evening event. Maybe it’s the fact that there were more black ones available (the shade I always gravitate towards) or darker varieties. I’m also happy to see a few gorgeous tie-dye options that capture that “boho” look without really trying to be “boho” (I have grown to hate that word a little as “hippie” fashion has became super trendy but painfully stale for the most part). They are all so pretty, and I decided to share my favorites in a post!

I’ll start with a few cute denim jumpsuits…I’m loving that one from Joe’s!

Do you have a favorite? Shop more jumpsuit from REVOLVE here.


    • Lana May 23, 2017 / 9:52 am

      Haha, I’m with you, these are definitely some of the best ones I’ve seen but I still have not tried on a jumpsuit, ever! These at least helped me open the door to the curiosity 🙂

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