Chic Rainbow Pieces to Welcome Summer from Revolve

I’m not really one to wear bright colors, unless I’m at a festival or themed party (and even then, I prefer to darken it with a little black). However, it doesn’t mean I dislike color—I am a creative and started off as a graphic designer, after all. When the warmer summer days come around, I enjoy being around or looking at brighter colors to up my mood after the cooler months and look forward to fun in the sun and the parties that come along with it. I don’t need a closet that’s all black (although about half of it is), and I like mixing in some other super creative pieces in to have fun with building outfits for fun occasions. I opened my usual REVOLVE newsletter a few days ago and noticed they put together yet another edit I enjoyed browsing through, titled The Rainbow Edit, which features all the colors of the rainbow. Yesterday’s newsletter featured another one under “Looks We Love.” Seems to be a thing!

As someone who enjoys exploring my creative and wardrobe tastes, I decided to collect some of my favorite rainbow pieces and share them here as a post, whether I could see myself in them or not. I tend to like a lot of black with a splash of color here and there, or in this case, a little bit of a rainbow accent (for example, I’d rock the hoodie and sweatpants below, but probably not together as I normally prefer not to look the same from head to toe). So, in a basic sense, I might pair some of the items from the matching sets you see here with a black top or pair of black jeans. Not everything in Revolve’s two colorful edits involves the entire spectrum, as there are plenty of solid items of one vibrant (and some not too vibrant) color as well, but I thought it would be fun and festive to include all the rainbowey pieces I could see being worn at whatever parties, vacations or casual get togethers that might be in store for you this summer. Which ones are your favorite?

Shop more colorful clothing and accessories to bring on the Summer from Revolve’s The Rainbow Edit here, and more from Looks we Love: The Rainbow Effect here.

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