Citizens of Humanity Avedon in Chromatic Review on Denimology

Citizens of Humanity Avedon in Chromatic Review on Denimology

Citizens of Humanity Avedon in Chromatic Review on Denimology

This is another review I’m kind of excited about! Grey denim, in my world, is an essential Fall wardrobe item. I’ll wear them year round, but I’m sure I, like most people, probably wear more colorful items in the spring and summer months as the sun comes out and livens our mood from our winter funk. Not that I’m saying the colder months mean our fashion senses should go into hibernation, as the Fall is pretty colorful on its own, but I guess the whole “don’t wear white after Labor Day” reasoning can come into play here, in regards to darker fabrics often giving us more of a feeling of protection and warmth (and nobody likes getting bright colors messy or stained in the rain or mud). Either way, bright colors are fun, but it’s also nice to take a break and tone it down a little every now and then. But grey doesn’t have to be dull at all, and I’ll illustrate that with this Citizens of Humanity Avedon Ultra Skinny in Chromatic review!

Citizens of Humanity really needs no introduction, as they’ve been around pretty much since mom jeans first became “uncool.” Established in 2003, the brand has been around the block and back again with plenty of time to perfect their fits and washes. James Dahan, the founder of Citizens of Humanity, has over 25 years in the denim industry (I know, I’m a little jealous too) and was the first to bring the concept of premium denim to the global market, so you know you’re sure to find a gem when perusing the perfect style from this brand to fit your body type. In the past, Citizens of Humanity was kind of hit or miss for my curvier shape, but it’s obvious the brand pays attention to always strive for the best. The Avedon jean was a terrible fit for me many years ago, but now, I can’t say anything negative about at all after this review! I’m so glad I had the chance to revisit this style.

Citizens of Humanity Avedon in Chromatic Review on Denimology - Back View

I chose the Avedon in Chromatic mostly because of the wash. I’d never seen a grey look quite like this! It has a slight blue tint, and the shading is just gorgeous, with almost a vintage worn-in look. The brand states that they were actually black jeans until they got the wash treatment to light them up to their attractive grey shade. There is very light distressing along the pockets and creasing behind the knees which shows how serious Citizens of Humanity takes the importance of an attention to detail. My first impression taking them out of the shipping box was how amazingly soft they are! They are very stretchy too, with a 74% cotton, 24% polyamide and 2% Elastane fabric blend. They almost feel like brushed corduroy! I got my usual size 26, even though I have sized down before, for my review of the Hutton Wide Leg (another big favorite of mine), and they fit perfectly. I wore these for several days in a row and didn’t want to take them off. They didn’t stretch out at all either, keeping their shape perfectly, and they never budge from their snug (but not constricting) fit around my hips, even though they are a low rise at 8 1/4″ (which to me is more like a medium rise actually). With a 31″ inseam they hit right below my ankle which will be another great thing this winter, to keep my ankles warm if I choose heels on a night out, and they have an 11 1/4″ leg opening, giving them that ultra skinny fit. Another thing I like about the Avedons is the pretty little iconic Citizens of Humanity logo on the back pocket, which also has been toned down a lot lately (even though it was not huge to begin with). I love the pretty squiggly design. It’s one of my favorite back pocket logos!

Citizens of Humanity Avedon in Chromatic Review on Denimology - Front Angle View

I absolutely LOVE the Citizens of Humanity Avedon Ultra Skinny in Chromatic, and after seeing them spotted on a celebrity or two, I wasn’t surprised…these truly are a real denim gem for this Fall season. They remind me why I love denim! Ever since I joined the Denimology team I’ve been more and more impressed with everything I see with this brand, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future! Innovation is imperative to longevity, and Citizens of Humanity has got it down. They are extremely unique and yet still versatile, making them a pretty good investment for a serious style fiend’s closet. I could wear these with anything and everything…dress them up or down, wear them to work or play or on a date, the sky’s the limit with these ultra-comfortable jeans. Grab a pair for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

For this review I am wearing a random top I got way too long ago to remember where/how, and my Nine West Beautie pumps from a recent Hautelook purchase 😉

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