Closed Does Striped Patchwork

Closed Denim - Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants

Closed Denim – Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants

Closed Does Striped Patchwork

The patchwork denim trend is one that I haven’t yet dived into…I love its creative look, but I just haven’t yet seen any styles that suit my fancy. Just like when boyfriend jeans first hit the market, I wasn’t immediately sold but now I love myself a good pair (favorite being Rich & Skinny’s boyfriend in Twilight Vintage that came out years ago!)! I love the potential I see in patchwork denim. I love contrasting, blocky solid colors and thrive on creativity and styles that break the mold. During my regular perusal of various brands’ current denim lines, I found an interesting take on the patchwork trend from Closed. Closed began in 1978 in Italy but is now based in Germany, although most manufacturing is done in Italy today. These jeans are 90% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 4% Elasthane, so I bet they also make for a great, soft, form-fitting fit. Closed does striped patchwork…I think I could dig this!

Closed didn’t limit this style with their jeans, but also included it in their line of skirts. Check out this variation:

Closed Denim - Elmont Denim Skirt

Closed Denim – Elmont Denim Skirt

So cute!

You can purchase both items here:
Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants
Elmont Denim Skirt, 199 EUR

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