Closed Striped Patchwork Jeans At My Doorstep

Closed Patchwork Jeans

So I blogged about these not long ago as well as some of their zipped styles…then again on Denimology, and now I have them in my hands courtesy of the brand! Sweet! I cannot wait to review these! They are so much fun! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear them all day at work (since sitting in a chair for hours on end might end up proving uncomfortable with all the seams inside the legs) but they are more comfortable than they look. I’m going to wear them out and about to see how they hold up and then write up a Denimology review! The jeans also came with a beautifully bound lookbook and huge magazine-style catalog showing beautiful model shots, the details of several intricate denim finishing processes (lasering, sand blasting, hand-finishing, etc, it’s fascinating), places to visit in Frankfurt and much more…Closed was born in Italy in 1978, but currently resides in Germany. It’s obvious they put a lot of thought into what they do.

Closed has already pulled me in. I am a fan! Check out some of their other styles below that I am currently eyeing.

Closed Jeans

From L to R: Pedal Star Striped Denim Pants, Pedal Star Lasered Denim Pants, Cropped Pedal Star Denim Pants

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Pedal Star Striped Denim Pants
Pedal Star Lasered Denim Pants
Cropped Pedal Star Denim Pants

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