Coach goes Peanuts

Coach goes Peanuts

Coach Peanuts Surrey in Saddle

Coach goes Peanuts

The high fashion world never surprises us really, as we expect the out-there, the outrageous….the unexpected. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems this year, brands have really pushed outside of the box (case in point: Moschino’s take on Spongebob and the Golden Arches). While I think it’s fun to see some of our childhood nostalgia emblazoned on pieces gliding down the catwalks of our most coveted brands today, sometimes I think it’s just a little tacky. Although, any fashion show is considered an art show, even if everything like that of Moschino is ready-to-wear. However, some cartoons of our past are so cherished that they scream “classy” and it’s hard to see them represented in any other way. Coach has just shown that with a special new collection, not long after the brand stated they would be revamping their image this year, closing several outlet stores and focusing more on their classic, clean leather lines (I’m all for it). This collection, launched on October 13 at Parisian boutique Colette, needs no introduction. The brand has chosen some of their much-loved styles and bestowed upon them a touch of Peanuts…Snoopy and Woodstock, that is.

Coach goes Peanuts

Coach Peanuts Bleecker Crossbody

These bags are so classy that I could totally see them being just as versatile as the original pieces. The Peanuts characters are placed modestly and subtle enough that these could go with just about any outfit! There are so many items in the collection, including some additional small accessories, but I picked out my favorites for this post. I’m not sure I can pick just one!

Peanuts and Snoopy were a rite of passage for a generation and continue to be so emotive β€” there’s a particular image of joyful Snoopy that I’ve always loved and have in our studio that manages to capture so much feeling and emotion in a sketch.” – Coach creative director Stuart Vevers (source)

Coach goes Peanuts

Coach Peanuts Medium Folio in Chalk

These items will be available October 24 on, and in Coach’s boutiques on November 1st.

View more below:

View the entire collection’s lookbook here. It’s animated, too!


  1. Yuka October 21, 2014 / 3:26 pm

    these are soooo cute!! what a great collab!

    • decadentdissonance October 21, 2014 / 3:35 pm

      Right?? Thanks, glad you like it! I wish I could collect them all…lol

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