Comfortable and Stylish Joggers for Working at Home

Crazy times…right? I’m trying to see the silver lining while working at home due to this COVID-19 outbreak, even though I unfortunately have lost a lot of my work. I think we all did need a break and some downtime to re-evaluate our lives and get back in touch with ourselves, however. Many of us are lucky enough to have jobs that allow for working from home, but whether you are or not, I’m sure everyone is enjoying staying in their pajamas for most of the day! Although, I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that staying in my comfiest of comfy clothes sort of makes it tougher to be productive. I’ve heard many say that even if you aren’t leaving the house, it helps to get dressed, put makeup on, and stick with the general routine you did before all of this went down. I definitely have not been doing that, but I have been seeking ways to get my head into a productive gear while staying comfortable. So, I thought I would do a little search for some comfy yet super stylish sweatpants and joggers that might help all of you stay cozy yet productive while working at home!

I initially wanted to search for denim joggers (my pair from Mavi came to mind), since putting on jeans was something I was always used to doing when leaving the house, and jeans, no matter how comfy, are never something I like to lounge around in. However, I was a little excited seeing how many other varieties there are out there in terms of fabrics. I stuck with pants because that’s always how I start my day…choose a pair of jeans, and the rest follows! Maybe I’ll do a post highlighting tops and jackets or hoodies next. But for now, enjoy these super stylish and comfy pants that hopefully would help you stay off the couch for the most part while dealing with quarantine for the month or months ahead.

Here are more comfortable yet stylish bottoms for working from home…to satin to denim to cargo…there are plenty of options to suit your fancy and keep you feeling productive!

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