Cozy Joggers for Moving or Lounging in Style from Athleta

When I’m not obsessing over jeans, it’s always because I’m spending a little more time on my alter-obsession with activewear. My attention span kind of wobbles between the two, mostly because there have been so many athleisure brands over the last several years that fit my darker (and maybe slightly gothy, post-apocalyptic or dark-futuristic at times) streetwear tastes. Since I definitely have living an active lifestyle sitting solidly at the top of my daily priorities, this comes fairly naturally for me. I love the comfort of gym clothes, but I don’t wear my gym clothes for anything other than sweating in. My more everyday stylish activewear is only used for running around town or, just being myself. Athleisure was a new term coined a few years ago as gym clothes emerged to the streetwear scene, is also a term that spans into the loungewear realm, and I know a lot of us are doing quite a bit more of that lately. Whenever you prefer to opt for instead of reaching for your jeans when you’re looking for an even cozier aesthetic, it’s nice to find pieces that also fit your style or maybe even provide some kind of function if you want to get fancy. Cozy joggers are always something I love to grab, especially in these colder months, and I definitely have a few favorite pairs already. I’m always keeping my eyes out though, as this look is always catching my attention.

Athleta, a company that is also under the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic mega umbrella, is a top-of-the-line activewear company that I always find myself checking out. Their items are classic, sturdy and built to hold on through your everyday life and any kind of workout you prefer. One thing that stuck out to me lately though, is their efforts with sustainability…and you know I always have to make a mention of this. They state that 76% of their products are made from sustainable fibers, like recycled polyester and nylon (including Econyl® which comes from recycled fishing nets and Primaloft Eco Insulation which is a lightweight fiber made from recycled plastic bottles), TENCEL® Lyocell and Modal (fibers sourced from trees grown in sustainably managed forests), organic cotton and responsible RDS certified down. Their goal as of last year in 2020 was for 80% of their manufacturing to include these materials. In terms of water usage, 4% of their products are used with water saving techniques, including Washwell smart wash techniques to reduce water use by 20% in their denim manufacturing. They are currently testing new dye processes and and working with their fabric mills to take things even further, with a goal of 25% of their products being created with smarter water use. Waste is another thing, with 72% of their waste from shipping packaging has been saved from landfill, with an 80% goal with a new renewable energy partnership in the works. Athleta also is taking on a more ethical route with 16,555 women being empowered through P.A.C.E. and fair trade (surpassing their goal of 10,000 last year). P.A.C.E., a Gap initiative, aims to support women in the apparel industry to fourteen of their factories. Ten more were slated to join in 2020. Athleta is also on the path to get their factories Fair Trade Certified.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Gap, although I do like Old Navy from time to time. Athleta, however, aligns more with my tastes and needs these days, and I’m digging a lot of their collection of cozy joggers, especially as I type this while it rains outside. However, many these are made with some impressive fabrics and construction. I am indeed, seeing a few made from organic cotton, as well as recycled nylon and spandex, and other supersoft and sustainable materials I mentioned above. I’m especially digging the Studio Jogger in Black Heather, made from Lenzing® Modal/Spandex which I know moves with you and is perfect for something low impact like yoga, but apart from that, these just look too darn cute. It’s not possible to have too much loungewear, is it?

Here are my favorite stylish, functional or just plain cozy joggers from Athleta. It’s also worth noting that this brand has a wide range of sizes for all bodies (I usually only feature what I personally relate to the most, so click through to your favorite products for more options)!

Shop a whole lot more joggers from Athleta below!

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