Crafting with Denim at Michael’s

Crafting with Denim at Michael's

Image: Michael’s. Floral Embellished Gift Boxes

Crafting with Denim at Michael’s

I miss being a crafty kid. I usually now just enter craft stores for a specific purpose, like if I have a recent snag on a sweater I need to cover up with a pretty patch, or a frame I need for a new island-themed poster to post as my own kind of dream-catcher above my headboard. The last time I really hit craft stores hard was when I needed a new batch of acrylic paint every week for my color theory classes in college. I miss those days…as I get older and life gets busier it just seems that anything real creative takes a back seat. One of the things I loved doing so much was sewing denim scraps from my mom’s old jeans together into quilts, bags and other projects after learning how to use her sewing machine! I was fairly happy to see Michael’s recently added a denim section to their Make Market projects, and there are some super cute items! I always had some strange fascination with making or collecting containers and bags, so the above image of the Floral Embellished Gift Boxes caught my attention! All projects are stated to take up to 15 minutes or less to over an hour, all at a beginner’s level. Here are a few more of my favorite projects from this collection. I figure I’d enjoy all of these, with my own personal touches, of course!

Crafting with Denim at Michael's - Denim Rosette Headband

Image: Michael’s. Denim Rosette Headband

Denim is a staple in your wardrobe and now it’s a trend in your home. For an of-the-moment take on denim, use it for décor or a DIY project. Colorful denim-finish paints, papercrafts, and textiles reimagine your favorite fashion fabric in new and exciting ways.”

Crafting with Denim at Michael's - Denim Cuff Bracelet

Image: Michael’s. Denim Cuff Bracelet

View all denim projects in Michael’s Make Market here, which also includes a place setting made from a denim pocket and a pocket wall organizer!

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