Creative and Personal Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Etsy

I cracked up. I hope you did too! I love getting my little curated newsletters from Etsy…especially around major holidays. Two years ago (I skipped last year) I featured a Valentine’s Day gift guide from Revolve, but this year I’m enjoying all of the creative and personal Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Etsy! In fact, I should probably feature these more often! Significant others can be notoriously difficult to shop for, especially around Valentine’s Day when everyone’s expecting chocolate, fancy dinners and gemstones. Well, maybe not everyone, but it can be tough to find the perfect non-cliche, personalized gifts every time a holiday centered around love, family or friendship rolls around when our lives are as busy as they are. Rushing out to a fancy dinner also means dealing with packed restaurants, difficult-to-come-by reservations and slower service, and chocolate or jewelry often just seems so thoughtless or forced. Some people opt for DIY gifts, but why not go for something unique and thoughtful crafted by someone who specializes in such a thing, when our creative juices, time and energy are fried by our daily grinds…especially when there are adorably convenient options for personal customization?

As I get older, the more I appreciate socks and other comfy or useful gifts. And who doesn’t love humor and wit? Items such as mugs or wallets are common sights on desks or personal spaces everywhere, as something that can be used and enjoyed every day. Lately there’s also been a trend with visualized greetings in the form of printed sound waves, and there is still such a cute variety of these types of gifts! Same goes for handwritten notations. As for cards, why settle for something last minute in the grocery store? Etsy is teeming with beautifully handcrafted ones that can be customized just for you! Or, maybe you’d like something you can use to leave love notes or continue your celebration year round, since love and appreciation really do not need a single holiday in which to make you feel obligated to prove your sentiments. If the object of your affection is a music or movie buff, maybe this could be the subject for a heartfelt gift as well. Jewelry or watches don’t have to be cliche either, as long as a little extra thought is put into them to make them something that truly represents the both of you. Whatever ideas are floating around in your head, Etsy is a wonderful place to find something thoughtful, personal, and not last minute…while supporting an independent artist at the same time. Here are my favorite items!

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