Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Size 25 Front View

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Denimology review (mainly because we’ve had some changes in the works) but I’m back up and at ’em with something fresh and new! As you might have been able to tell by now, I love me a nice sleek (and usually dark) skinny jean, but this Spring season we’ve seen a re-emergence of looser fitting styles such as boyfriends, flares, and bootcuts. The boyfriend jean has been around for a long time but it has its ups and downs in the industry…but right now, this style is being seen everywhere in a wide variety of distressed looks on celebrities and trendsetter everywhere! I get so addicted to my skinny jeans sometimes that I never think I can go looser, but once I do, I’m reminded how comfortable boyfriend jeans really are and how stylish they really can be if done right. For this review I am excited to revisit a really neat edgy brand that I worked with last year for Denimology to illustrate how underestimated the boyfriend jean really is, so here’s a Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend in Yukon review!

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Size 25 Side View

I own one or two boyfriend jeans as it is, but really only wear them on days when I just care about being comfortable. When I was offered the chance to review this pair from Cult of Individuality, I was exceptionally intrigued because of the fact that these are constructed of selvedge denim! The brand is no stranger to raw or selvedge denim, offering many styles of raw denim within the men’s collection as well as a fading contest last September! For those who aren’t familiar with raw denim, most denim you buy starts out raw and is pre-faded or deconstructed in the factory. Raw denim is simply denim that has skipped this process, allowing you to wear the jeans out in a way that is totally your own. Serious denim-heads swear by this method, as each jean tells a story about your lifestyle in a way, depending on how they fade and break in. Some raw denim also comes as selvedge denim, but selvedge denim is not always raw, like in the case of the Alter Ego Boyfriend in Yukon! Selvedge denim is basically made of fabric woven on vintage looms from the 1950s, often resulting in a higher quality, with a clean uncut outside hem made of tightly-woven strips due to the pieces being cut right against the edge of the fabric fresh off the loom. The term “selvedge” comes from its definition, of “self edge.” Read more about selvedge denim here!

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Size 25 Back Closeup

Cult of Individuality was born in 2009, and “has forged a reputation as the Jeansmith to the One. The misfit, the dreamer, the trail blazer, the contrarian and the upstart. Each a Cult of their own.” Aside from offering selvedge and raw denim, which not many brands do (even though there’s been a higher demand and a slight, gradual emergence into the mainstream denim culture), Cult produces so many fun and awesome, edgy styles which always draws me to a denim brand. I’m a DJ and I love the nightlife, so I can appreciate a clean cut, classic style for work by day, and a fun alternative style by night (or for whenever the mood hits, really)! I recently reviewed a great pair of their Moto Midrise Skinny which I still enjoy to this day. The Alter Ego Boyfriend in Yukon is just as unique, if not more…with beautiful fading, destroy details and of course the selvedge quality.

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Selvedge Detail

I took my usual size of 26 at first, completely forgetting that I had sized down for the Moto Skinny, and although it did look like the fit on the model on the brand’s website, I thought maybe I should size down because the crotch was a bit bunched up on me. However, boyfriend jeans are meant to be loose and slouchy, so I went with it. But Cult of Individuality was awesome enough to send me a second pair in a size 25! They fit a lot better to my tastes, but I still wanted to make it a point here that really it’s up to your own personal preference. If you are in between sizes, like I sometimes am, definitely size down if you want a fitted but relaxed look, and take your usual size if you want a baggier “I stole these from my boyfriend” look, which was kind of the original point of boyfriend jeans anyway!

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Size 25 Front View 2

Here’s what the size 26 looked on me (more photos below):

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Size 26 Front View

Even though these are a loose fit, they still are fitted for a lady, with the calves and 12″ leg opening on the 28″ inseam fitting more like a skinny jean for me (granted, I do have muscular calves, it is a looser fit on the website’s model as stated), with the waistband sitting not too low or high, but just right on the hips. They have a 10 1/9″ front rise and 14 1/2″ back rise, so they slouch without losing any coverage up top and sit like a low rise. The boyfriend bagginess is still flattering. I noticed the rips are placed in such a way that if I were to squat too hard they might rip a little more, but I have a strong feeling that in this case I won’t care as it would just add to the other subtle distressing details and overall unique personality of these jeans! I absolutely love the fun little bit of the selvedge hem popping out on the cuffs too. The 100% cotton denim is nice and thick and super comfortable, and I could see these lasting a really, really long time even with regular wear. I don’t usually think of wearing the boyfriend jeans I have with heels, but I did with these and I have to say I love the look!

Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend on Denimology - Size 26 Side View

Size 26

The Cult of Individuality Alter Ego Boyfriend in Yukon is an excellent choice to fit this season’s relaxed and distressed boyfriend trend, or to dress up and down. Wear them during the day for a nice casual relaxed look, or wear them with heels and a nice top at night for an effortless dressy look with some edge! If you don’t own any boyfriend jeans yet, why not have your first one be selvedge as well? It might just open the doors to a whole new realm of the denim world for you at the same time. These jeans have some serious attitude, and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for those days when you want to keep looking good, but loosen up a little at the same time for a fresh pep to your step.

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