Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook

Images courtesy of Cult of Individuality

I love a little badassery in any new brand, lookbook, collection or individual piece of clothing on its own. Cult of Individuality is a huge favorite of mine, because not only have they encapsulated this attitude, but they’ve also done so with some serious quality, including selvedge and raw denim. Anyone who knows anything about the denim industry knows that means these jeans are tough, and meant to be worn through power slides, crowd surfing, skateboard spills or whatever your rough and tough lifestyle demands of the clothing you wear. I’ve reviewed a few pairs of Cult of Individuality and I will vouch for all of this (not that I really skate, dive into mosh pits or rock out on stages every night).

The brand was born in 2009 by designer Ron Poisson with the phrase “Jeansmith to the One,” aiming to “unite a social movement of misfits, dreamers, rebels, artists, contrarians and upstarts under a signature style that is equal parts craftsmanship, cool and authenticity.” The artistry put into each denim piece is further stated by the way they view the fabric in general, “like an artist uses a canvas–for distinctly personal exploration and expression.” I honestly (and obviously) cannot describe the brand better than they can, so here goes: “CULT is a denim brand for the fashion forward jean junkie who gets high off a cocktail of vintage, embellishment, selvedge and rebellion, tied together by impeccable craftsmanship. This helps fuel a new badass attitude for an otherwise universal fabric. There are daring threads of handcrafted workmanship in every garment. With countless variations of the rip and repair deconstruction, CULT has risen to premium, anti-trend, designer denim status and is recognized by individuals who appreciate the brand’s fusing of old methods with new ideology.”

Cult of Individuality’s Fall/Winter 2016 lookbook is out, and man is it awesome. I am in love with the photography, the clothing…everything about it! It’s divided up into sections: Pun, Paint, Motor, Grunge and Street, and it is are all so beautifully done. I know we’re only merging into Summer here, but it’s making me crave the cool weather again like crazy! Scroll on for some of my favorite images from the lookbook, along with a couple of quotes that came along with it which helped set the overall theme with some well-placed attitude.

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook - Grunge

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook - Motor

“We’ve all got out self-destructive bad habits, the trick is to find four or five you personally like the best and just do those all the time.” -David Lee Roth

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook - Motor 3

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook - Motor 4

“Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well, here I am.” -Marilyn Manson

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook - Punk

Cult of Individuality FW2016 Lookbook - Street

Are you as excited for Fall as much as I am now?

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