Currently Crushing on Bell Pants

Currently Crushing on Bell Pants

When it comes to bottoms, I’m a 24/7 jeans girl. Rarely do I wear skirts, dresses or leggings (unless I’m at the gym or wearing the rare sweaterdress or tunic)…I just find myself far more comfortable in jeans. Believe it or not, I find them a bit more breathable (skin on skin under skirts tends to get warm) and ward better against chafing if I’m going to be moving around a lot all day. They are far more durable as well and can take constant daily wear, and I don’t have to fear any snagging if I sit on a rough surface like a bench or concrete ledge. Plus, I work hard for my figure and the last thing I want to do is hide it! It feels amazing to rock a well-fitting pair of skinnies after a great workout and they have a way of making me look and feel well put together! I still kind of reject the idea that activewear is taking over and the denim industry is taking a hit (as I said, for me is for the gym only), but there’s recently been a new contender for me that I didn’t see coming at all…flare pants. No not the denim kind, although yes those have seen a sharp rise in popularity lately over other cuts of jeans, but rather your usual soft cotton beach-style pant.

I did notice wider leg styles popping up last year in local boutiques and while attracted to the designs, I wasn’t a fan of the cut. I’m a bit of a hippy, so the intricate designs and laid back bell bottom style have always appealed to me, but never did I think I’d all of a sudden end up with two pairs of these non-denim bell pants (as represented in the bottom image) within the same month and absolutely end up LOVING them…almost as much as my printed jeans! I initially grabbed the Billabong Gypsy Den Flare Pant for festivals and local events involving friends of mine who DJ (often alongside me), spin fire, own a local hemp boutique or even a brand of essential oils, but I’m finding myself craving the next step: wearing them every now and then as part of a usual day’s ensemble. It’s so strange moving from a thick denim to a thin, stretchy fabric, and I almost feel exposed, but oh man how fab they feel at the same time, and look! I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful styles popping up lately, so I collected a few that I’m currently craving below.

These are the two I now own…they are so FUN and COMFORTABLE, and…they are both on sale at under $40!

What do you think? Are you a fan? Shop a beautiful collection of these pieces at Revolve Clothing, Free People, Shopbop, or Swell for a surfier, beachier appeal!

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