Dark Alternative Clothing with a Conscience by Helvak

Not all black clothes are alike..at least, if the designers really know what they are doing and have a strong creative license. Just like with jeans, I like seeing all the amazing creative things you can do with something that most people see as “bland” or “simple.” As someone who isn’t a fan of bright colorful clothing (just on myself, I love watching other people be as colorful as they desire), I appreciate all the amazing independent apparel brands I’ve discovered that know how to make dark clothing anything but basic. It can be tough to run across these, so I get pretty excited every time I find one. From Marigold Shadows to Marcellamoda to Siskatank and even styles from Carbon38, these are some of my favorite types of shops on the internet. Most are overseas in Europe, but when I find one here in the states, it’s a special treat to me. This time, I’ve run into Helvak, a vegan brand self-labeled as “stealthwear with a conscious.”

Helvak creates beautifully modern yet gothic-style apparel and accessories for men and women. Actually, they are inspired by Norse mythology, with their name deriving from a few Norse terms. ‘Hel” means “Hell”, and ‘Vak” means ‘Odin,” a god or king that symbolizes “wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet” (according to Wikipedia). Everything is vegan, from the owners to the factory processes to the clothing itself, because “the animals will treat you kindly when they take over after the apocalypse.” Born in 2014, the brand is based in Pittsburgh, and every piece is made with modern, intricate detailing, using such materials as fleece, antique brass, faux leather and fur, canvas, stretch sateen or cotton, and jersey fabrics. Yep, this is yet another one on my love list.

Shop more from Helvak, including their men’s line which is just as big as its women’s counterpart, on Etsy here.

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