Dark Modern Minimalist Pieces by marcellamoda

Dark Modern Minimalist Pieces by marcellamoda

I remember rummaging through countless racks of fast fashion shops as I grew out of high school, obsessively experimenting with different looks to try and find what settled with me best. Over time I ended up getting rid of most of that evidence of excessive consumerism, settling more on that occasional piece that I felt screamed my name. Still though, as I grew older, the desire to simplify my wardrobe grew stronger and continuously battled with that voice inside that wanted to keep shopping and dropping as often as I could. I still feel that battle, but it’s gotten a lot better, and now I do abide more to the thought of buying less and spending more for those pieces that I put a little more thought into so I know they will last me through washes, wears and seasons. My style itself has kind of become more simplified too, and I’m more drawn to minimalist looks as they not only can be surprisingly more creative and eye popping in their own way, but they are easier to dress, I don’t get the “I have nothing to wear!!” syndrome as often because they work with a wider range of outfit configurations, and I just generally find them more calming. Like with denim, I am impressed how such a simple concept can be so vast when it comes to the range of creative possibilities. As I’ve mentioned before, I also prefer to support the independent designers who, rather than mass producing their wears, put thought and love into their handmade goods. I also tend to be more attracted to the darker, more street goth, rock n’ roll or punk-inspired pieces.

I find myself haunting Etsy a lot for these artists, and marcellamoda is one that has popped out to me lately. Their dark modern minimalist pieces are just gorgeous, and I love the angles and cuts of all of them. There really is a lot you can do with black and other dark shades. This shop opened in December of 2009 in Bulgaria by sisters and best friends Siyana and Marta, who call themselves “Marcella,” which was the name of their grandmother. The line embodies genuine European styles with clean, elegant lines with just the right amount of edge. The two sisters have always been involved in the world of arts, which is clearly reflected in these truly unique pieces!

Here are some of my favorites:

“We have always been in the world of arts, the world of inventing, creating, dreaming. As a result, we started this label, named after our grandmother, Marcella, the true designer and inspiration behind it all. So here we are – two years later, our goal is to create designs with clean and edgy lines.”

“Production with a conscience is one of our main priorities along with providing superior customer service – our ultimate goal is to spread beauty around us. We want you to experience the peace and love with which your garment was created, packaged and mailed to you.”

Shop marcellamoda on Etsy here!

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